Approximately 1 million cars go to the scrapyard every year in Britain. So if you have finally decided to scrap your car, this is the best option. You may be wondering how you can scrap your car, and do you get money for scrapping a car? If so, you must read this article to know everything about scrapping a car.

Regulations of Scrapping a Car

Scrapping cars is a simple yet short process. Nonetheless, there is some paperwork you need to do. Scrapping your car is a detailed legal system you need to complete. These are all to help car scrapping companies manage car disposal, which can cause damage to the environment. The parts of the car are very dangerous for the environment if owners fail to dispose of them properly. Hence, it is crucial for vehicle owners to follow the rules pertaining to scrapping cars.

It’s a lawful obligation that an Official Treatment Facility scraps your car. These facilities receive licenses from the Scottish Environment Protection or by the Environment Agency, and any other company will have the right to show their certification. You can face legal repercussions if you do not have a license for scrapping the car.

Documents Required for Scrapping a Car

Before you can sell your car, you need to provide certain documentation. It will be very simple for you to get the paperwork done. It is important if you have to scrap your car, or you need to recycle it from an Authorised Treatment Facility or ATF.

  • Book pack or Owner manual
  • Logbook or V5C registration certificate
  • Full or part history about service

COD or Certificate of Destruction

Whenever an ATF agrees to demolish your vehicle, they will give you a certificate of (COD) Certificate of Destruction. You will get this document in 7 days if you are scrapping a 3-wheeled vehicle, light van, or a car. COD is proof that you are no longer responsible for your vehicle, and you have handed it.

Note: If the vehicle you are scrapping is none of the types written above, you will not receive a COD. But the ATF will give the Vehicle agency and the Driver a note on your behalf. And if you have scrapped a vehicle as mentioned above, it’s your duty to tell the DVLA that you have already taken your car to the ATF. Failing to tell them will result in a £1,000 fine.

Vehicle Registration Form

No matter if the DVLA and TF are taking responsibility for the registration of your car for scrapping, you still have to complete section 9 of V5C car registration. Then, you will have to send it to the DVLA. Once you have completed it all, you should get a response letter under four weeks’ receipt of confirming. And if you do not get this response letter, you should check f the car’s records have received an update. By this, it will make sure that you were the first owner of that car. If you don’t know the meaning of the V5C, do not worry because you will remember it as your vehicle’s logbook.

If You Do Not Have a V5C

If you cannot find the location of your vehicle’s V5C paperwork, you do not need to pay for exchange or replacement. You need to contact the DVLA in writing form providing:

  • The date of the sale
  • Confirmation that your car was sold for scrap
  • Details of the buyer
  • Relevant personal information
  • The registration number, make, and model of the car.

SORN the Vehicle

Some owners like to keep good parts of the vehicle. This is simply because they have spent money on the exhaust and the wheel rims. If you need to remove the parts before it goes for scraping, you will first have to register for a SORN to inform the DVLA that you are no longer driving the vehicle. By this, you do not have to pay taxes or vehicle insurance. If you need the car registration number so you can use it for the future car, you can send a letter to the DVLA. This will cost you £80, and it will allow the owner to keep the registration number.


Scrapping a car for money is better than selling as this process is legal, simple, and easy. You can find further information on the ATF website.