VW Emissions Fix: “VAG Emissions Rollback” could be the real fix you need

We’ve been following many of the facebook and forum threads focused on reversing the ea189 emissions fix. Whats become apparent is that most of these services are simply a remap aimed at disguising the fix and the horrendous effects it has on vehicle performance and efficiency. They’re not aimed at preventing further damage to vehicles components such as the fueling and emissions systems (Injector / EGR / DPF). In fact many of these “back street” remaps will simply compound these issues  (Read more on that in our previous article – Can the VW VAG EA 189 NOx emissions fix be reversed? Is a remap the answer?)

Today the tide has turned. Today we have been approach by a “national tuning” network who plan to roll out a  “VAG Emissions rollback” service. The key thing here is that this is not a remap or tune. This is a roll back to what they call a “pre-VAG-patch state”. If their claims are in fact true, this could be the answer for those owners who have fallen victim to the VW Group’s damaging ea189 emissions fix.

The good

We’ve spoken to many owners trapped in a car they longer trust and are unable to sell due to financial issues or PCP contract periods. A rollback could be the key to restoring the reliability, performance and economy they have come to expect from their VW / Audi / Seat or Skoda vehicles.

Sure, EGR failure is possible in any diesel vehicle, but at least you’ll know it wasn’t at the hands of the VW emissions fix farse. You won’t be waiting for the engine management light to go or listening for every unexplained rattle or knock. You might actually be able to trust your car again.

The bad

This doesn’t excuse the fact that VW have abused your trust, they have mislead and cheated you. You should not have to pay to fix a car that the VW Group broke. Unfortunately the VW Group have gone on record to state they WILL NOT reverse the ea189 emissions fix, that will never change.

Granted you’ll lose any “good will” (for what is worth from VW) and say goodbye to any warranty you have on the vehicle. Would it be worth the risk and costs involved with a rollback? 

We’d certainly say goodbye to main dealer servicing but that’s not a bad thing. You’ll probably save a more than a few quid there and they won’t apply a harmful emissions fix without your consent and knowledge.

Where can I have my VW ea189 emissions fix rolled back?

The software platform enabling this “rollback” to be performed is rolling out to a select number of agents. It’s still early days and we’re yet to hear from anyone who has had their car “rolled back”. 

We’re in discussions with a number of these agents in the UK. We’ll update you as soon as we can.

Would you roll back?

Bearing in mind the issues that might arise from an ECU roll back would you “fix” your broken car? Have you already had your car remapped after the fix?

We’d love to hear from you. Please let us know in the comments below.

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2 comments on “VW Emissions Fix: “VAG Emissions Rollback” could be the real fix you need
  1. SeaDoubleYou says:

    I have had my Passat 2.0ltr 2010 Diesel remapped recently due to the fault I have experienced as part of https://www.hypermiler.co.uk/dieselgate/can-the-vw-vag-ea-189-nox-emissions-fix-be-reversed-is-a-remap-the-answer and would be very interested in getting it “rolled back” as soon as this is available…

    Please keep us posted

  2. Ira says:

    I have a skoda yeti 2.0 tdi
    I love it,
    And have to get the “fix” soon, sense it’s mandatory.
    I’m very worried about it.
    I would like to know if there’s any way I could “record ” the original version prior to the “fix” and have it rolled back after.
    Could the ATR’s kit technician do this?
    Please comment…
    thank you

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