Bavarian Government refuses VW emissions “fix” on 500 police vehicles

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It’s not just the UK suffering at the hands of the VW emissions fix. It now been revealed that the Bavarian government has refused to have 500 police vehicles subjected to the VW emissions “fix”.

The move by Dobrindt’s CSU party committee and Minister of the Interior, Joachim Herrmann was implemented due to the government not receiving assurances that the fix would not result in”subsequent engine problems.” and was unwilling to offer comprehensive warranty packages as seen in the USA.

This is the first case of any official governmental action over the fix despite mounting evidence that it’s responsible for countless EGR and DPF failures. 

Unlike our pathetic regulators in the UK, the Bavarian government has seen the difference in approach by VW in the EU compared to that in the USA. You can read more about that in our article Deiselgate: VW offers warranty for US Emissions fixes while UK made to suffer three figure repair bills

Yet again we’ve reached out to VW for a response to this rather damning news and yet again we’ve been met with silence. 

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Have you been affected by the VW emissions fix? Would you have refused to have the fix knowing the rate of EGR failures? Lets hear from you in the comments below!

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2 comments on “Bavarian Government refuses VW emissions “fix” on 500 police vehicles
  1. Rihards says:

    Last week I went to WV dealer to get my timing belt and water pump changed. When I came in they offered emission testing and understood that they giving warranty for they manufactured cars that they will reach theses norms and that’s something normal and usual VW is offering. I had previously owned Valhalla corsa and it failed emission test that’s why I was pleasantly surprised that they offering something like this. I went to dealer to get this job done because I had great trust that this is dealer and they will fix my car because previously had really bad experiences in other garages. They gave me paper to read and sign about what they going to do to my car, but of course I really trusted them and signed because I didn’t know about Dieselgate recall and what dieselgate fix would mean for me. After they finished servicing my car and applying fixes for it I received certificate of completion on my car and papers to sign about completion for they repairs got told that its about them informing me about issues they found in my car and that it needed to be attended, but could be as well paper saying that my car was a recall off course didn’t read that just signed because had great trust to this company so had no idea what was on that paper because I went to VW to fix my car and that’s what I assumed they are doing. I newer could have imagine that there could be situation that there is product that is defective cost me lot of money. And I still have to pay credit for it. I am very angry that they are even allowed to do theses changes, because it’s my property not their property and I have everything to lose and nothing to gain in this situation.
    I can assure you maybe they have all the paperwork in line but if knew what they really were doing they would have never had my consent.
    After 3 days my Glow plug light came on and only then I started to realise what they have done to my car because I googled about emission fix. and I contacted mechanic he cleared the fault saying if it comes on you should mass air flow sensor. Currently light had not came back one but now my 1.6tdi blumotion passat had transformed into fuel consumption monster. Think it consumes. 1.5 times more fuel. I think it now consumes 10 litres per 100km. For 1.6 tdi engine it must be some kind a record. Fuel consumption engine size is main reason for me buying this car.
    Will sell car ASAP don’t want it to break down on me and lose everything I have and stay with credit on my name. Better To lose money and be credit free than loose everything and still pay the credit. Maybe if car would break down VW would fix it for me maybe no but who the heck want to be in a car which could breakdown anytime anywhere anyway.

    VW fix fix for them not for you. My recommendation to you is never to get it done. Remember you have everything to lose and nothing to gain…

  2. Bigbunny2017 says:

    Bavarian police have made a very wise decision. My car has been wrecked by the fix with all the problems described by many others and shown on Channel 4 news on 30/06/17. This includes, failed EGR valve, loss of low end torque, worse fuel consumption (by over 10%) and increased engine noise. Sadly a good car ruined and will have to be disposed of at considerable financial loss.

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