In a tough move by the Volkswagen Diesel Customer Forum (Emissions Scandal) over 140 members of the 6,400 strong group have contacted the transport select committee in response to the issues surrounding the VW EA 189 emissions recall. 

As you might have noticed, we’ve been closely following and reporting on the fall out from the recall for some time. It’s been clearly apparent that the DfT’s role in the recall has helped mislead customers into having the damaging and irreversible fix applied to their cars.

The government has yet to act and continues to be in cohorts with the VW group over the recall. Unlike in the USA, the VW Group has acted with impunity and has continued to deny any link between the emissions fix and mechanical failures vehicle owners have been experiencing, despite overwhelming evidence.

Our own survey of theVW group owners has clearly shown EGR, injector and DPF failures in alarming rates with many owners faced with triple-figure repair bills despite the so-called “trust-building measures” from VW Group. More on that here

We applaud the Volkswagen Diesel Customer Forum in the face of our incompetent government agencies and a biased media “paid off” by the gargantuan marketing budget of the despicable car manufacturer.

If you’ve been affected by the recall then please consider joining the Volkswagen Diesel Customer Forum (Emissions Scandal) facebook group. 


Let’s here from you

If you’ve been affected by the VW emissions recall please do let us know in the comments below – also please do take the time to fill out our VW emissions recall survey. We’ve had over 2,000 responses so far and will be releasing the results in a huge data “dump” very soon. 

Press Release

Release Dated – 02/11/2017

140 concerned VW Group Motorists lobby Transport Committee Chair, Lilian Greenwood to push harder over Department for Transport’s handling of the VW Dieselgate Scandal technical measures

— 6,400 concerned UK VW Group motorists have come together to share experiences of the VW Group emissions software fix —
— Members experiencing identical faults and parts failures. VW Group denies any link —
— Members aggrieved that US-style compensation is not being provided in the UK —

A Facebook group, The “Volkswagen Diesel Customer Forum (Emissions Scandal)”, with over 6,400 UK members is urging the Transport Committee Chair, Lilian Greenwood MP, to use her powers to take action regarding the Department for Transport and VW Group (UK)’s handling of the fall-out of the Emissions Scandal. This weekend, over 140 group members contacted Ms Greenwood by email asking for her assistance in bringing their concerns to the Transport Committee.

The Department for Transport’s (DfT) approved course of action, to roll out a software update on all affected vehicles, has seen owners reporting thousands of technical problems, breakdowns and parts failures occurring in cars after the software update was carried out.

As a result of the software update, UK motorists have so far been denied USA-style compensation and buy-back deals for cars they maintain were sold on misleading emissions outputs, first highlighted in 2015 when the “Dieselgate” scandal broke out.

Gareth Pritchard, one of the founding members of the Customer Forum says “This group cannot stand by and allow Volkswagen to continue denying that there are problems with their fix. Neither can we allow Volkswagen to continue to treat European consumers as second class citizens. Volkswagen needs to remove software and repair each affected vehicle properly. Volkswagen also needs to compensate European consumers accordingly.”

Patrick Thompson, a member of the Customer Forum says “I’ve spent around £750 on getting our car fixed after the emissions update was carried out. Despite my problems being identical to many other victims of the update, VW Group continues to deny the issues experienced are related, yet it has paid for some of the repairs as a ‘goodwill gesture’ – it defies logic”.

Thompson adds “There is no openness at the moment, I have made 30 attempts to get information from VW and it has not provided a single piece of evidence to prove that the fix is not responsible. I have yet to identify anyone in DfT or VW Group in the UK who can even admit to having seen the software testing report prior to it being approved for our cars.”

For over a year, VW Group even omitted to mention in recall letters to affected customers that the update was voluntary. This has only changed in recent weeks. Letters were sent out to tens of thousands of owners claiming a software update was “required” when it was not. Gareth and over 140 others are calling on the Transport Committee to press DfT hard to properly hold VW Group to account for its actions. Pritchard continues “We also urge the Transport Committee Chair to assist DfT in understanding that customers are not happy with DfT’s handling of the issues either”.

• The Volkswagen Diesel Customer Forum (Emissions Scandal) was set up in response to the Dieselgate scandal and desires to hold VW Group to account for its behaviour, for misleading customers and to push for a more satisfactory technical solution to be found. It is not associated with or linked in any way to Volkswagen Group UK Ltd.
• Members have suffered stress, financial loss and allege there has been damage done to their vehicles as a result of the subsequent software update
• The closed Facebook group has over 6,400 members
• VW Group cars that are affected by the software update include Volkswagen, Audi, Skoda, SEAT and Volkswagen Commercial vehicle brands

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