All the help and advice in the world isn’t going to make the issues with the EA 189 NOx emissions fix go away. EGR valves will still fail, DPF filters will clog up and owners will still be the ones picking up the bill for VW’s lies and deceit.

What we’re being asked time and time again is can the emissions fix be reversed.

So, Can the emissions fix be reversed?

This is a tricky one. As we understand it the changes to the engine management system go above and beyond what remaps would be capable of changing. We believe that the fix makes changes only possible by “flashing” the entire ECU with new settings and features to help reduce NOx output. 

These changes include:

  • Reduction in fuelling at lower revs (reducing torque)
  • Changes to the injection pattern
  • Changes to the EGR behaviour
  • Addition of an “air straightener” into the intake (1.6L engines only)

The changes have resulted in the following for many owners

  • Reduced power
  • Increased engine noise
  • EGR valve failure
  • Injector failure
  • DPF filter blockages
  • Reduced MPG / Fuel efficiency

We understand (at present) that only VW can fully reverse the software update. At this point VW / VAG have point blank refused to entertain this idea.

Can a remap “fix” my car?

We (rightly or wrongly) have been careful not to recommend a remap to unlock the power lost to the fix due to the possibility of even more particulate matter being produced. Increased PM means more DPF regeneration cycles, less MPG and eventually DPF filter failure / blockage. 


What is a remap?

An engine remap is the process of altering or replacing the software in a car’s ECU. This changes how the engine performs, in most cases increasing the power output by up to 50%. Changes the ECU during a “performance” most commonly affect the fuelling, ignition and “boost” tables. This increased fuel and air creates a bigger bang in the engine, resulting in more power.

The remap is usually “installed” via your car’s diagnostic port (OBD2) using a laptop or a specially designed handset. 

What the internet says

We’ve put together some ideas / claims that have been flying around the internet.

  • Remapping allows you to flash different versions of the software – an example being that you can fit a different engine into a VW / VAG car and re-flash the ECU to run an entirely new engine.
  • Get the “170BHP” remap – the guy is “very legit”
  • A garage with the Odis online will be able to restore the ECU version – back to pre-update settings.
  • TerraClean will help clear and EGR / DPF blockages caused by the emissions fix
  • “Its simple to do with the correct tools… The old version of the software is free. A re-flash should cost £50-£100”

With so many people claiming remaps are the answer it’s very strange this “simple” fix… for the VW fix isn’t been advertised by every garage / tuner with the correct equipment. With so many unsubstantiated claims out there it isn’t difficult to why so many people are confused about which way to turn.

We really need your help on this one

If you can cast any light on how the software fix can be reverse please do get in touch. Are any of the claims above correct? Can your company reverse the emissions fix? Have you had your car fixed? If you’re a tuner, VW ECU boffin or have information which could be of use then please do get in touch. Leave us a comment below or email karl(at)

A work in progress

We put together this article to help cut through the static and bullsh1t that seems to be circulating around the internet. Therefore please treat this page as a “work in progress”. We’ll be updating it as often as we can, hopefully we’ll strike gold and report back with the “fix” you all quite rightly deserve.

Look before you leap!

We’ve been made aware of tuners / remapping outfits actively seeking disgruntled owners, claiming to be able to reverse the fix. We’re very concerned that owners will opt for an untested and proven solution which could cause even more damage than the  EA 189 NOx “technical measures” have already caused. Our advice is to sit tight and see is a knight in shining armour  emerges who is able to offer a proven and reliable solution.

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