Poll: Have you been affected by the Dieselgate & EGR scandal? Would you by VAG again?

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** Update 13/03/2017 **

Our poll has proved to be hugely popular but its giving the full picture behind the emissions fix scandal. We’ve put together the VW Emissions fix survey to see how you’re all affected by the issue. Click for the VW Emissions Survey

We’ve seen a huge amount of interest in our VW EGR scandal article, it seems that many people are falling foul of the apparent “fix”. We’re keen to see how this has affected your attitude and perception of the VW group cars. Please take a moment to fill out our poll.

Please also leave a comment below with your thoughts and experiences of the dieselgate and EGR fix scandal so far.

Dieselgate: Would you buy another VW, Skoda, Audi or Seat

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Which VAG vehicle do you own? (You may select more than one)

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Have you or will you join the VW Legal case? (vwemissionsaction.com)

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As a result of dieselgate will you be selling your vehicle/s

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As a result of the EGR "fix" have you incurred any unexpected costs?

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Thank you for your time and please do share, like and comment below!

We’d also like to thank the guys over on the Facebook Group – The Volkswagen diesel customer forum (Emissions scandal) for their support and suggestions for our poll. Please do sign up to the group and join in on the discussion.

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12 comments on “Poll: Have you been affected by the Dieselgate & EGR scandal? Would you by VAG again?
  1. Andy Reynolds says:

    Pretty disgusted with the whole thing really – I read somewhere someone said “Oh it’s nothing really, get real, they’re all doing it” Hmm, I don’t think so – Top VW management being arrested in USA and South Korea! Haven’t heard of any other vehicle manufacturer’s Top employees being arrested for actually cheating their customers?! As far as VWpostfix long-term EGR/DPF issues (apart from EGR failures caused by the fix) too soon to tell – No doubt any premature failure will *not* be due to the fix according to VW!

  2. MR HAASE says:

    I Decided to have an EGR delete my Skoda Yeti has been running fine ever since the EGR valve fail after 30.000 miles never took my vehicle for the recall as new what’s would happened to my engine if VW interfere with it I would not let them anywhere near it thay can not fix the 2 litre TDi engine

  3. Martyn Maynard says:

    I am extremely disappointed with VW. I have written to them several times. When I have received a reply, it feels like they are lying to me. Even now, 17 months after they said that they would be open honest and transparent, it still feels like they are lying to me personally.

    But the EU and member states must take some of the blame. They mismanaged legislation of the industry for years. They gave manufacturers the message that they could get away with anything, and most if not all manufacturers took full advantage of the situation.

    As a result, I don’t feel I can trust any of them. If there was a viable alternative, I would take it. But there’s not. We are stuck with the manufacturers and politicians we have and there is nothing we can do about it.

  4. David says:

    Hi! Vw performed the update in October while the car was in for another poblem, on my 2014 vw tiguan.2.0 4motion. Imediatley, I noticed a drop in mpg, and the car sometimes judders at lower revs. A few months later, the egr failed.

  5. MR HAASE says:

    I cannot believe that VW are implementing the fix during general services without the knowledge of owners this is totally reckless and eventually this will results in a serious accident they have to stop the recall immediately

  6. Karl says:

    Like you guys I’m very surprised that the media isn’t doing more on the EGR failures post fix. We’re currently penning a new article to help rattle some cages. #dieselgate

  7. `Took my 1.6 Golf on the 23/2/17 to Sinclair’s Bridgend where they done a free health check, which they emailed me,they said I had EGR faults prior to the update being done which I know it did not as I had the ECU read prior to taking the car there. Sunday 5th of March 3rd lane of the M4 EML light on it goes into limp mode. IT’S WRONG THEY KNOW THE UPDATE IS DAMAGING THE EGR.

  8. Jack C says:

    i have a 2010 Fabia 1.6 diesel my EGR valve had to be replaced late last year. About 98000 miles, which i suppose was not too bad all things cosidered (how complicated the whole exhaust emission is on these engines). In all fairness the dealer rebated the cost of the part and only charged me labour. I have not had the “fix” done yet, and dont know whether i will by the sounds of all the problems attached to it

  9. kevin kramer says:

    Car was fixed??? end of march within 2 weeks egr failed took car in for diagnostic check costing 60 pounds was then presented with a price of 1080 pounds to fix it.I feel ive been fixed too.

  10. j Batchelor says:

    2012 jetta was serviced by vw two weeks later one injector went and then on holiday week later egr valve went recovered home from our holiday asked them not to do the emissions fix. car was not a problem before the service 557pounds for injector and quote 1200pounds for egr valve my last vw

  11. peter corbett says:

    Just started having problems with my 2015 VW Caddy van since i had the emissions fix in april, i only use van at weekends so not many miles done,phoned number on back of certificate and they say that i need to get a diagnostic check done first, phoned JCT600 van centre at sheffield who did the fix and they are avoiding calling me back after promises of that someone will call me.

  12. Ian Higgins says:

    Owned my 2011 VW Caddy Maxi (84K miles) for 20 months now, no problem whatsoever till I had the emissions fix in April ’17, 4 new injectors 2 months ago and now it looks like my EGR has just packed up ! So by the sounds of it that’s going to be another £700 on top of the £1500 for the injectors. Will not be buying VW again…

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