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** Update 13/03/2017 **

Our poll has proved to be hugely popular but its giving the full picture behind the emissions fix scandal. We’ve put together the VW Emissions fix survey to see how you’re all affected by the issue. Click for the VW Emissions Survey

We’ve seen a huge amount of interest in our VW EGR scandal article, it seems that many people are falling foul of the apparent “fix”. We’re keen to see how this has affected your attitude and perception of the VW group cars. Please take a moment to fill out our poll.

Please also leave a comment below with your thoughts and experiences of the dieselgate and EGR fix scandal so far.

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Thank you for your time and please do share, like and comment below!


We’d also like to thank the guys over on the Facebook Group – The Volkswagen diesel customer forum (Emissions scandal) for their support and suggestions for our poll. Please do sign up to the group and join in on the discussion.

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