How to join the claim against VW for the emissions scandal

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The VW “dieselgate” scandal isn’t going anywhere. UK motorists are yet to me compensated for their vehicles effected but thanks to the efforts by UK law firm Harcus Sinclair, that’s all about to change.

Harcus Sinclair are leading a claim on behalf of a group of affected car owners (individuals and businesses). The case is in response to the confirmed use of the defeat device and the impact that it has had on Volkswagen diesel car owners (not forgetting Audi, SEAT or Škoda).

Motorists over in the US have already settled with the stricken manufacture to the tune of over $10m with an additional $4.7m going to programs that help offset all those excess emissions they “misled” motorists about.


According to Harcus,”If you have an affected vehicle, the likelihood is that you overpaid for it and you may be entitled to financial compensation. In addition, the resale value of your vehicle may also be affected.” That seems like reason enough to join the claim for compensation, so to help you out we’ve put together a little guide.

Can I claim?

If your car is manufactured by Volkswagen, Audi, SEAT or Škoda and it is:

  • a 1.2, 1.6, or 2.0 litre diesel vehicle
  • made between 2009 and 2015, and
  • you purchased, leased or acquired it (new or second hand) before 1st of January 2016

You may be eligible to take legal action.  

How much can I claim?

At present the lawsuit is going after VW for the tune of £30m or £3,000 per car. This figure is an approximate figure but  consider that in the US owners received between $5,000 and $10,000 (£4,000 and £8,000) depending on the age of their vehicle.

If successful this could see VW faced with a £1.2bn bill in compensation alone for the 1.2m vehicles effected. This figure does not including the cost of the work carried out so far to “fix” the issue.

I’ve had the emissions “fix”, can I claim?

Yes! Harcus Sinclair have confirmed that you can be part of the Group Action against VW regardless of whether you have had for have not had your affected vehicle ‘fixed’ by your main dealer. According to their website, ” You will still have overpaid for your vehicle at the point of purchase and have been should be compensated accordingly.”

How to join the claim

For more information on the claim and to sign up then visit the website. We also strongly suggest that you read the FAQ on their website.

Should I go it alone and take legal action without Harcus Sinclair?

We’ve recently been asked this question by a reader directly effected by the recall and also EGR failure – more on that here. He questioned weather he should wait to see the outcome of the claim and if needed follow it up with a claim of his own. We accept at this could help you receive more of you settlement – if you win (Harcus Sinclair will take 30%) however you may not have the expertise, evidence and financial backing that Harcus will most certainly have to pull off such a large scale claim.

We couldn’t and shouldn’t advise you however strongly suggest you do your homework either way.

When will I know more?

Harcus Sinclair’s application for group litigation will be heard in the high court on 30 January. We’ll of course be covering the developments as they happen.

Have you been affected?

If you’re reading this article then its likely that you’ve been effected by the “dieselgate” emmssions cheating device. We’d love to hear your experience and thoughts on this. Please leave a comment below.

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23 comments on “How to join the claim against VW for the emissions scandal
  1. Gary says:


    My Seat leon has developed an EGR fault, I have yet to have my emissions fix applied due in 3 weeks can you advise me on options.

    • Karl says:

      Hi Gary

      Sorry to hear that. If the fix hasn’t been applied yet and your EGR is already gone then there’s little hope that Seat will resolve it for you. EGR failure after the fix should usually result in a free fix but certainly not before.

      I suggest you shop about for the best price to have it replaced. I would also suggest that you DO NOT have the emissions fix applied.

      Hope this helps and let us know how you get on.

      Cheers Karl

      • DAVID BROWNLEES says:

        My seat Alhambra had the fix done in April 2017 we started having issues almost straight away the fuel economy wasn’t as good as before the fan stayed on after journeys. I had a forced dpf regen done in January 2019 and thought the issue was resolved only for on the 31st March for the turbo to fail and now being told the catalyst needs replaced before they can confirm that dpf also needs replaced. Looking at a repair bill of almost £4000 for a car which is devalued because of the works done. I cant afford this and no support from seat with courtesy vehicle as catalyst is on back order until 4th June. Please help.

  2. Gary says:


    Thank you for the information, having read the forum I was reluctant to get the emissions fix done.

  3. Barry Corvan says:

    I got my seat Leon called and since it has been harder on fuel and very sluggish through the gears sorry I went near them

  4. Duncan says:

    I had the fix last week and my engine managment system has come on giving me fuel when filled up only reads 160 miles not 434 miles my service message comes on even tho it was done 3 week ago my indicator are up the wall. I took it back and was told it was my ignition was slightly garbage they just cleared the system and sent me on my way 5 hrs later back to square one not a happy bunny with the total lack of respect a adult should get from these fools

    • Karl says:

      Hi Duncan

      Something sounds very wrong. I suspect that you have EGR failure like most other

      Don’t let them fob you off. If there is a fault VW will repair for free if you push them.

      Unfortunately you’re not the only one experiencing such terrible customer service from VW. Their handling of this issue is appalling.

      Please do let us know you get on.

  5. Dave says:

    Since the update /fix the engine fan comes on for 10/20 seconds. Took it back to the dealer and they said it was the dpf regenerating. 4 or 5 times a week? Doesn’t week right to me

    • Karl says:

      Hi Dave

      You’re very right! The fix increases particulates by 3 fold, causing the DPF to need regeneration much, much more often. During a DPF regen you’ll also see much reduced MPG.

      Sorry for the bad news.

    • Dave says:

      Should have said the fan comes on in shut down of the engine after journeys of 5 miles , 25 miles, or whatever. 4/5 times a week, sometimes successive journeys sometimes just after a single journey. There seems to be no common reason behind this, long journey, short journey, but all since the “fix”

  6. phil corfield says:

    had the letter,and took my 15 plate touran in to be done ,i thought it was compulsory,waited 2 hours and it was done,however within 5 miles of driving 2 fault lights came on,engine management light and catalytic fault light also on,phoned dealer next day and had to wait 9 days to be fitted in,took it back in and they gave me a brand new touran as a courtesy car as i probably wont see mine for a week or two as they have to order parts egr valve fault very worried that the car will not be the same car i took in to them.i dont blame the dealers they have been fine but volkswagen should be pulled up on this its a disgrace bigtime.

  7. mike stenton says:

    my 1.6 bluemotion golf was modified about a month ago. The average MPG has fallen back from 56-57 to 48 – 50MPG. The car feels slugish when going uphill compared to before. What should I do? VW said they won’t reverse the modification.

  8. andrew nowell says:

    my fan has stayed on since fix and throttle control flap stuck open
    since fix, spoke to corkhills of wigan and they said it could be coincidence and take it back to them pay £75 for diagnostics then they will email head office to see if they think fix did this if not i would have to pay, had car 2 years only problem in past 1 1/2 year ago was dead battery.

  9. Miro says:

    Hello Karl,

    let me thank you for your effort/support regarding the Diesel gate.
    maybe you can help me, I am from Slovakia, I already have the fix done in my 2.0L GOlf 6(90k km), after the fix the EGR died,
    the issue is I have it fixed at a local car-shop(not authorised VW), I have the invocie. The car was second hand purchased at March 2016.

    Do you think I have any chance for the refund?

    Thank you

  10. Ian McMahon says:

    Hello Karl
    I have an A3 2011 with 2.0 tdi. The emissions ‘fix’ was done on 26th January 2017 and since done about 10,000 miles. In the last few days I am having problems with Engine management lights and the car switching into ‘limp mode’. I have had a diagnostic done (not Audi) which reports EGR valve malfunction – I will be visiting the main dealer on Monday. Thanks for all the info on your website, it is much appreciated.

  11. Dave Lauder says:

    My Skoda Yeti 2.0 TDI bought new 2012 in UK Ran faultlessly. 19/01/2016 had ‘fix’ carried out at 25639 miles (do relatively low mileage but few short journeys moved to rural Italy and shopping etc is a 30 mile round trip once a week (50% motorway). Other journeys are usually 1 hour plus (including 3 1200 mile trips to the UK . The warning lights for the exhaust have come on and the car is in limp mode having done only 4215 miles since the fix (1400 of those were the journey back from the UK and at least another 1200 on long journeys in Italy) Since the fix the fan/DPF clean cycle has operated at least 4 times (even after journeys in excess of 45 minutes including motorway driving) Everything points to a EGR problem. The dealership in the UK implied that EGR failures linked to the fix usually happen within a few weeks but I argue that the driving style and mileage covered is the relevant factor and NOT the time elapsed between the fix and the EGR failure. Be interesting to see what the diagnostics reveal and whether they try to charge me for it.

  12. Peter Dignan says:

    Had it fixed at scoda and now my dpflight keeps coming on and runs like a bag off rubbish.

  13. Moira says:

    I drive a 2010 1.6 diesel golf. I had the emissions fix February 2017 I don’t do big smiles but in November I had a problem with the oil light coming on and the interior heater would not blow hot air.

    I paid close to £1200 for repairs including a timing belt.

    Now the engine warming light is flashing and I have booked the car into the VW dealer. The car is dead- no revs even with my foot to the floor and very sluggish to drive when you get her moving!
    I reading about this valve problem after the emissions fix even though it’s been a year could the two be connected?

  14. Iftekhar ali says:

    I had fix done a few months ago the car is not same since reduced mpg egr replaced by Skoda as goodwill and today dpf light flashing on dash regenerating every other journey booked in dealership again told if dpf light is not related to fix will have to pay for diagnostics DO NOT HAVE EMMISSIONS UPDATE DONE

  15. Julian Samuels says:

    I bought a 2012 Tiguan which has been for the FIX before I purchased engine management light is on and had it checked by vw garage EGR valve faulty is there any thing I can do cause I have gone over 200000 miles vw say is too much to have it replaced!!

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