VW Emissions Fix Survey: Owners who opted not to have the Emission fix

Our last VW Emissions survey was very successful with over 2,000 responses and lots of eye opening statistics – Read more here.

What it failed to do was gather the thoughts from those who opted not to let VW ruin their car have the fix applied. That’s all about to change with our newest survey.

We’ve put together this latest survey to help piece together the reasons why people opted not to gave the fix and if VW were misleading with the campaign to roll the fix out to as many cars as possible. Please do take the time to fill out the survey below and help us further build the case against VW and it’s disgraceful conduct throughout this emissions “recall”. Feel free to share this page on social media to help us collate as many responses as possible.

We’ve embedded the Google survey below. Please use the scroll bars to the side of the form to fully complete it.

*Please note that no identifiable data is collected in the survey below. All responses are made completely anonymously and the data collected will only be used by Hypermiler.co.uk. If you have any questions regarding how we use our data please do get in touch via our contact page.

Mobile / Tablet users: . If you’re on a mobile device or tablet you should use the following link https://goo.gl/Kvzwc4

Read more!

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9 comments on “VW Emissions Fix Survey: Owners who opted not to have the Emission fix
  1. Dimitrios Raptis says:

    I feel that VW disrespects their customers and I’m really frustrated by their behaviour.

  2. Roger Heywood says:

    I have not had the fix for my 2011 Tiguan, my brother in law has for his 2012 Tiguan and experienced rough running, he was told that it was his injectors!!!!, after numerous trips to the main agent it now seems OK.

  3. Derek Smith says:

    Fortunately I heard about the problems before getting my car ‘fixed’ – I now get it serviced by an independent garage to ensure the ‘fix’ is not carried out without my permission.
    This scandal just seems to go from bad to worse and the sooner VAG are held to account, the better!

  4. Ian smith says:

    Can’t trust vw dealer now. Using independent for servicing.

  5. Peter S says:

    Agree 100%! Do not intend to go near a VAG dealer ever again!

  6. Craig McClure says:

    I hope VWAG are held accountable for the disrespect towards their customers and get what’s coming to them. Some sort of compensation or buy back would take the smile off their faces. Liars & Cheats and they shouldn’t be in business if this is how they treat their customers.

  7. Kevin gosling says:


  8. Darren Moat says:

    After reading about all the problems other drivers were having after they had the fix, I was not willing to take a chance on the fix destroying my car , I have my car serviced at a private garage so I know the fix will not be done without my knowledge.

  9. Luke Chambers says:

    I was one of the lucky ones who didn’t have the fix done after hearing all the issues others were having post fix. Thought I still love the car and the brand. I wouldn’t be put off owning another VW.

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