BBC Watchdog’s coverage of VW emissions fix issues finally hits iPlayer, but why the delay?


As many of you will know, BBC watchdog has finally covered the UK  VW emissions fix issue. Working with the The Volkswagen Diesel Customer Forum facebook group they covered many aspects of the issues encountered by UK owners, but not without some issues.

The main issue has been the untimely delay in getting the episode up on the BBC iPlayer. Why the delay? Did the VW Challenge the content of the program, was there a legal challenge? We certainly believe so and were already busy making copy available to the public. Luckily for our legal team, that changed just moments ago.

The episode went live in the last few minutes. Click the link below to watch the full episode. We’re keen to hear your thoughts their coverage. Please do let us know in the comments below.

Apologies to our overseas readers, the above is only available in the UK to TV license holders.

If you’ve been affected by the UK emissions fix recall then please do join The Volkswagen Diesel Customer Forum facebook group. They have worked tirelessly to raise awareness of the issues faced by UK owners. Please also do fill out our Emissions fix survey, we’ve collected over 1,300 responses so far. The results can be viewed in the links below

Fill out the Survey

Click below for the Survey

Survey: VW Emissions Fix. Let’s hear from you

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One comment on “BBC Watchdog’s coverage of VW emissions fix issues finally hits iPlayer, but why the delay?
  1. Douglas Newton says:

    Just another bothered customer: I have an 08 Tiguan 4×4 2.0 TDI 149 which did the 200 mile round trip in May to the nearest VW dealer to have the “fix” done (This at my own expense in fuel as the local garage had lost its dealership). Since then it has gone into limp mode three times, each time going completely back to normal on turning the ignition off and on. Strangely the diagnostics have no record of any event. Since the fix I noticed that the car pulled away more sluggishly at low revs, and this was before I read about it in the press. Conclusion: these cars are fitted with far too many whistles and bells. I want my 99 Passat 1.9 DTI back!

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