VW boast €80 billion sales revenue, sells 6.23 million vehicles yet continues to defraud UK government and consumers

DPF dieselgate emissions fix

Figures released today by Volkswagen have revealed that the shamed car giant posted a €80 billion sales revenue and shifted over 6 million vehicles in 2017. These results show a continued recovery since the group was rocked by the “diesel gate” emissions scandal that threatened sink the once aspirational brand.

This represents an increase of over 4% both in revenue and vehicles out the door.

Interestingly the figures also reveal that the “Special effects from the diesel crisis” cost VW a mere €2.8 billion in 2017 compared to €5.2 billion in 2016. We can only speculate that VW’s hardening approach to the thousands of drivers who are suffering at the hands of the EA189 emissions fix is helping its own operating profits at the experience of their once loyal UK customer base. Not great reading if you’re one of the many drivers stuck with a broken VW Group car.

As further details emerge proving that the emissions fix has in fact increased emissions and reduced fuel consumption we continue to wonder why the limp UK government fails to take VW to task over it’s “misleading conservative” emissions figures. If the reports are correct, the UK treasury could be owed a small fortune in emissions taxes let alone the environmental impact the cars have caused over the years. 

Despite the rallying call against VW by many media outlets ,the government continues to let VW get away with murder. With diesel sales tumbling and the world in awe of a seemingly never ending “EV concept press release” frenzy, the “historical” actions of the VWs deceit is being eclipsed by this shiny new green car era.

So what’s next? As EVs continue to flood the market and the Ea189 drifting into the past, will affected owners ever be compensated? We very much doubt so. With just so much as stake – jobs, taxes and exports in these troubled times we expect the scandal to be slowly forgotten about by both the government and media whilst owners pick up the pieces.

Shame on you VW. Shame. On. You.

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5 comments on “VW boast €80 billion sales revenue, sells 6.23 million vehicles yet continues to defraud UK government and consumers
  1. Gary jennings says:

    The vag group have got a massive s#itstorm coming once the tbm runs out and people are expected to pay for vags vandalism

  2. Eddy Parkinson says:

    A nasty experience. I was defrauded. No customer service. Vw refused to acknowledge my complaints. I initially agreed to the AA coming to my home to do the fix and they got in touch 8 months later to make an appointment. My car is almost worthless. It’s massively polluting. Not only do I not buy vw group cars I will not buy German. Totally evil thieving murderous filth.

  3. Patrick says:

    Getting to the point now that volkswanker can’t continue to ignore affected customers. They tell us very little about what the flawed software fix is supposed to do or how the car will operate and then refuses to provide any proof that it is not causing the thousands of breakdowns, damaged EGRs and clogged DPFs that are being reported by owners, never mind explaining the thousands of free replacement parts it’s providing to owners when things go wrong. On a fix it explicitly states ‘cannot damage’ our cars. It’s a farce. A dishonest one at that.

  4. Mike says:

    Government won’t do anything about VAGs deliberate actions, which have caused massive financial loss to people and huge environmental impacts. Yet the government expects us to think it cares about the environment. Why do people keep tolerating various environmental taxes, when the government totally ignores fraud on a massive scale and deliberate environmental vandalism in the pursuit of more profit. The government, as per usual, says one thing and does the complete reverse. The government, like VAG, don’t give a s**t about the environment. All environmental taxes they implement are simply a way to fleece more money from the general public into the governments coffers without actually doing any good, whilst VAG simply vandalise the environment to fleece more money from their customers to put it in their shareholders pockets. Strangely enough, a major shareholder is actually the German government (in one way or another). So much for the supposedly ‘green’ German government!!

  5. Richard Bugg says:

    Dealing with the VW Group is like that well known ‘Parrot Sketch’.
    “You’ve broken my car” …. “No we didn’t” …. and repeat!

    My car has been detrimentally affected by the fix, Audi UK don’t care, my dealership (Ipswich Audi) doesn’t care, my MP (Sandy Martin) doesn’t care, and neither does the government/EU etc

    My latest communication with Audi is to retrieve the NOx emissions for my vehicle under real world driving conditions and I can only conclude they do not know (as if!) because they have been squirming for 4 weeks now and still haven’t given me a sensible response.

    Never buying a VW, Audi, Seat or Skoda vehicle again.

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