HOW TO: Change the keyfob battery in your Skoda Octavia / VW Golf / Seat / Audi

keyfob battery replacement

That annoying warning when your keyfob battery is low isn’t going to fix itself. Rather than a trip to the dealers we’ve put together a little youtube video with our Sister Website – on how to change it yourself.

It’s only a 2 minute job and if you’re anything like me you’ll have been putting up with the warning for months. We don’t know if the key will actually stop working if you leave it long enough but we’d rather not take the chance.

Check out our video below

Batteries can be ordered from Amazon – they are a Duracell 2025. Don’t buy a crappy pack from the pound store. It’s just not worth it – they are cheap for a reason and won’t last. Buy your battery here

We hope this helps our fellow VAG owners. Let us know how you get on in the comments below



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4 comments on “HOW TO: Change the keyfob battery in your Skoda Octavia / VW Golf / Seat / Audi
  1. IAN says:

    I can only find instructions regarding the oblong key fob which I assume is on later, post 2006, Skoda cars. I need to open the key fob on my 2001 Fabia car which is more round than oblong? Can anyone help me? Ian Mills

  2. Ronald Robinson says:

    I have 2 keys one little used. I replaced the battery on the main key and the warning light disappeared. I then used the spare key and the replace key battery appeared. When I used the main key, the warning was still there despite the battery having just been replaced!


    • Karl says:

      Hi Ronald

      I’ve had this before when using cheap eBay batteries. This is why I now only use Duracell. They are pretty cheap on Amazon.

      With that being said, the keys do seem to eat the batteries like no other car I’ve had. Seems to be quite a common issue tbh.

      Hope this helps.

      Cheers Karl

      • Ronald Robinson says:


        I have used Duracell batteries, I have now replaced the battery in the other key and this has solved the problem but hard to believe that both key batteries ran out at the same time.


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