Going from coast to coast might not sound like a particularly hard challenge, especially with the current crop of “super diesels” that have flooded the UK market. So what happens when you take a Toyota Auris Hybrid with its 1.8L Hybrid Synergy Drive, 130BHP and hulking battery packs en route?

Our challenge was to pilot Hypermile the Auris from Gt. Yarmouth to the Isle of Anglesey racetrack on just one tank, with the remainder of the fuel used to lap the “duck” short circuit.

As you can see from the video above, we managed to get there on the single tank and proceeded to put the Hybrid Toyota though it’s paces with very little regard to MPG. Its hulking weight and super soft suspension it made for some “interesting” laps on the rainy track,  mostly accompanied by an array of warning buzzes and lights as the car was pushed well beyond the limits of its usual day to day use.

For your chance of winning six months of free fuel (well £437) head on over to the Car Magazine website. Simply guess how many laps we managed to wring out of the Auris before we ran out of fuel. Before you ask… I will not be giving any clues!

I managed many hours Hypermiling the nuts off the Auris, I’ll be putting together a mini review of my experiences of the Toyota Auris Hyrid on the challenge.