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Highland drivers are slowing down to save money on fuel

New research from the Energy Saving Trust (EST) has found that 45% of Highland (Scottish) drivers are slowing down to save money on fuel. According to the EST’s statistics drivers could save the equivalent to two months’ worth of petrol or diesel every year.

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New Ford Kuga costs less but gives you more

In today’s world, giving you more for less is quite unseen unless you are in the market for a 4 door crossover SUV with a blue oval badge. Ford has just released it’s pricing for the new 2013 model Kuga

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Greener tyres could save UK businesses £500 million in fuel

Research by the Energy Saving Trust (EST) suggests that UK businesses could save up to £500 in fuel costs by opting for fuel efficient tyres. The report comes as new EU legislation comes into force which will require tyre manufacturers to

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English motorists waste nearly £7 billion in fuel a year due to “Inefficient driving”

A report by the UK’s Energy Saving Trust has shown that English drivers are wasting a fortune at the pumps due to what it calls “inefficient driving”. It put the figure at a whopping £7 billion down the drain for our fellow non

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