A report by the UK’s Energy Saving Trust has shown that English drivers are wasting a fortune at the pumps due to what it calls “inefficient driving”. It put the figure at a whopping £7 billion down the drain for our fellow non Hypermiling motorists.

According to the trust, drivers could save an average of £270 each, or 20p for every litre of petrol and diesel, by following a range of smarter driving tips, otherwise known as Hypermiling.

The trust has outlined many of the simple things motorists should avoid such as heavy acceleration and braking, slowing down while keeping tyres correctly inflated. They also suggest using a higher gear, turning air conditioning off, turning engines off if stuck for long in traffic and removing unnecessary roof racks.


Tim Anderson of the Energy Saving Trust said: “Smarter driving techniques are easy to adopt but can make a huge difference at the pumps, which is more important than ever in these tough economic times.

“If every driver in England adopted the trust’s tactics, they could save around £6.6 billion a year.”

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