New research from the Energy Saving Trust (EST) has found that 45% of Highland (Scottish) drivers are slowing down to save money on fuel. According to the EST’s statistics drivers could save the equivalent to two months’ worth of petrol or diesel every year.

The study also revealed that men outnumbered women in their Hypermiling efforts. 49% of Scottish male motorists are driving their car slower in an attempt to save money on fuel, compared to 41% female drivers.


Specialist transport adviser at the Energy Saving Trust’s Scotland advice centre Caireen Ros, said, “It comes as no surprise to hear that drivers in the Highlands and Islands are slowing down to reduce the amount of money they spend on fuel – the faster you go, the more fuel you use. There are other ways to save too. Fuel efficient driving tips like anticipating road conditions and driving smoothly, shifting to a higher gear as soon as possible and switching off air conditioning all have their part to play – and they don’t necessarily slow you down.”

Some relief could be on the way for drivers in the Highlands if fuel tax discounts were expanded into the region. The Inner and Outer Hebrides are already enjoying these discounts and the government is currently looking to expand this to include the highlands. The government still has to convince the big wigs in Brussels but its hoped that it would offer a helping hand to drivers struggling in this time of austerity.