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Stay safe with Pryers Winter Driving Tips

The winter months can be a testing time for even the most experienced of driver. Freezing temperatures, adverse weather conditions and reduced visibly can cause all kinds of motoring mayhem when you least expect it.
With the mercury dropping across the UK we’ve teamed up with the guys from Pryers to offer you some Winter Driving Tips to help keep you safe during the cold season. These might seem like common sense but you’d be surprised how many motorists are completed unprepared for an unexpected breakdown or accident.

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Halfords Autocentre now offering DPF cleaning services… but beware


Halfords Autocentre has now become one of the many UK garages / auto centres offering DPF cleaning services to motorists.

They claim that this new service in response to concerns over diesel car pollution, however our experience with DPF issues puts it firmly down to customer demand and high dealership regeneration prices.

When we were initial made aware of this newcomer to the DPF cleaning industry we got in touch with Halfords PR team for a little more information. What we got back was the usual press release with very little information what this new service actually offers. My requests for more information on what their DPF cleaning processes actually involves fell on deaf ears, leaving me no choice but to get on the phone to a local Halfords Autocentre to quiz them direct. My call was very enlightening.

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New lithium-air (Li-O2) battery technology breakthrough could end EV range anxiety

charge electric car tesla model S red

Electric vehicles have come a long way in recent years. At the forefront of the development has been the quest for lighter and more powerful batteries to help put an end to what’s commonly known as range anxiety.

The boffins at Cambridge University are one of the driving forces behind the latest development of battery technology. Their breakthrough with lithium-air batteries (also known as Li-O2) could see an EV travel London to Edinburgh on a single charge.

This new technology could pave the way for batteries that are a fifth of the cost and weight of current electric car batteries. This could see the future crop of EVs matching the range of petrol and diesel cars.

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Volkswagen offering US owners $1,000 gift cards as “good will”, making users waive rights to file law suits



In the never ending saga that is the VW #dieselgate scandal, US owners will be offered $1,000 gift cards in an attempt to “make things right”.

The good will package being offered to owners of the 2.0L diesel cars effected by the emissions defeat device uncovered by the US Environmental Protection Agency.

The package includes a $500 prepaid Visa Card, a $500 VW dealership card plus 3 years roadside assistance.

Owners in the US should use this LINK to check eligibility of their vehicle and apply for the good will package. Just make sure you read the small print as it’s looking like VW are covering their behinds with this so called “good will” gesture to help protect itself from the countless law suits that could follow.

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UK Driver jailed for 2 years after filming himself driving at 192mph

nissan gtr shaun davis

A driver from Northampton has been jailed for 2 years after being caught filming himself driving at 192mph.

A video recorded by Shaun Davis piloting is Nissan GTR at over 120MPH above the national speed limit was found when he was arrested on an unrelated matter.

The 42 year old was jailed for 28 months and given a 10-year driving ban whilst his daughter Jordan (23) was found guilty of encouraging dangerous driving. She was given a two-year driving disqualification and an 18-month conditional discharge.

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Skoda Octavia iii 2013 Diesel Particulate Filter DPF – Owner’s Manual – Regeneration FAQ


As you may have seen from my ramblings on our Twitter account and our Forum, I’m now the proud owner of a 2015 Skoda Octavia VRS Combi TDI 184 (DSG). As with all Euro5 and Euro6 diesel cars it’s equipped with a dreaded diesel particulate filter to help stop it belching cancer causing diesel particles into the atmosphere.

Unlike my Nissan Qashqai, getting information on the DPF and the conditions needed for a DPF regen have been a little more easy to acquire. So for all you lucky Octavia owners out there – below is the DPF section from the Skoda owners manual.

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New cars sales slump 1% after record 43 months of growth

new car sales uk Kia

Figures released today by the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT) have shown that last month (October) saw new UK car registrations drop by 1.1% compared to last years figures. These figures mark the first dip in new car registrations for a record 43 months.

It’s not all bad news for the UK new car market, sales figures for the year to date show sales have increased overall by 6.4% compared to this time last year.

Alternatively fueled vehicles (AFVs) have continued to buck the trend with sales up by a whopping 13.8% in October.

The UK’s love affair with the Ford Fiesta continued to blossom with the supermini taking pole position in the sales chart yet again with 8,557 cars registered. The Vauxhall Corsa came in second while surprisingly the VW Golf managed to nab a podium place even with the #dieselgate emissions scandal continuing to make headlines.

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