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Health Effects Institute report: Clean diesel technology does not increase lung cancer risk

diesel fumes car

A report published by the Health Effects Institute has revealed that new clean diesel technology does not increase the chance of lung cancer.

The report, funded jointly by the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) was based on a study by the institute on “lifetime animal exposure” to clean diesel emissions. The report found that found no evidence of carcinogenic lung tumors in the rats used for the study. It also concluded that concentrations of particulate matter and toxic air pollutants emitted from NTDE (new technology diesel exhaust) are more than 90% lower than emissions from traditional older diesel engine designs i.e. with a diesel particulate filter fitted.

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RAC survey reveals that company car drivers are more likely to be hypermiling

american psycho bale

A survey conducted by the RAC has found that 40 percent of company car drivers actively changed their driving behaviour to improve their fuel efficiency, compared to just 27% of the general public.

Whats more interesting is that 66 percent of company car drivers activity monitored their fuel consumption, compared to 44 percent of private vehicle owners.

Recent cuts in fuel allowances by the HMRC are likely to be the root cause of the surprising results. Despite not having to foot the bill for their fuel, company car drivers will be doing what they can to maximise their allowance.

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One every 20 seconds, UK car production at seven-year high


Newly released figures from the SMMT have revealed that UK Car manufacturers produced more than 1.5 million vehicles in 2014, the highest figure since way back in 2007.

Battling at the frontline, Nissan’s factory in Sunderland built the most cars in 2014 with  500,238 rolling off its production line.

Not to be left behind, Jaguar Land Rover came up second in the production stakes with a total of 449,507 vehicles and an astonishing 27% sales in decrease in December compared to the year previous.

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London councils get tough on diesel parking charges

London parking permit bmw x5

London’s Islington council has approved plans to levy an annual surcharge of £96 ( or £1.85 a week) for diesel vehicle parking permits in the borough. The charges will come into effect from April 2015 in what the borough claim will “help improve air quality in the borough” by helping to “encourage a move away from diesel vehicles.”

Permit charges for diesel vehicles will be put into place by Islington council until 2020 when the planned ultra low emission zone (ULEZ) is introduced in the capital.

Hackney council is planning to follow Islington’s lead and is currently also reviewing parking permit pricing, this could see drivers of the most polluting diesel cars being charged £50 each year. Similar charges are already in effect in Camden however at present the levy only stands at an additional £10 per annum.

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UK Government set to get tough on unfair rural fuel prices

Mark-Garnier-MP-rural-fuel-price-billThe UK government is set to get tough on what it call the “dark art” of fuel pricing in rural areas across the county.

The Tory MP Mark Garnier (Member of Parliament for Wyre Forest) said that the Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) should be given the power to step in and help stop unfair rural fuel pricing.

His planned Road Fuel Pricing (Equalisation) Bill would force fuel retailers to justify fuel price anomalies, giving the CMA regulators power to both question and reduce fuel prices in rural areas where it sees fit.

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Nissan Leaf doubles UK sales in 2014, continues to lead the pack

nissan leaf uk sales 2014 ev electric car

The triumphant Nissan Leaf had a bumper year in 2014 with sales doubling over 2013. 

Figures released by Nissan have revealed that an impressive 4,051 Leaf’s were sold in 2014 compared to just 1,812 units in 2013.

Even though the figures are tiny in comparison to the total number of new UK car sales, they reveal that the Leaf is still the best selling electric car by a 2:1 margin. The Renault Zoe came in a distance second.

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BBC Watchdog goes Hypermiling with Matt Allwright

BBC Watchdog Hypermiling fuel saving tips Mark

Hypermiling has once again gone “mainstream” bringing Hypermiling to the masses. This time BBC’s own Watchdog takes to the road with their take on fuel efficient driving. This rather tongue in cheek challenge pits wanna be Hypermiler Matt Allwright against one tank of fuel in a Top Gear “styled” challenge.

We’re a little dubious about some of the so called “Hypermiling” tips given by their driving instructor, last time I checked skipping gears wasn’t a sure fire way to save fuel. But then what do we know?

With fuel prices at a record low, their timing might be a little off but lets see how Mark gets with one tank of fuel and a stripped out Ford Fiesta. Read on for the three part video.

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