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How to use a manual DPF regeneration button / switch FAQ


Not a day goes past without some form of DPF tweet, email or message from fellow motorists suffering at the hands of a clogged filter. Normally its the same old thing but yesterday I got an email that broke the trend.

I found a button that looks just like this – what does it do?

I’ve seen my fair share of dashboard DPF warning lights but this is something else!

What does it do?

That little button right there is a manual DPF regeneration / cleaning button. It’s used to perform a manual DPF regen on the filter whilst the car / truck is stationary, a bit like a dealer regen but without the fancy laptop / equipment. My Googling suggest that these are more commonly seen in trucks and 4×4 vehicles that may not be able to reach the conditions required for a “rolling” DPF regen due to either environmental (being drive off road) or restricted speed i.e. towing.

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Is it the beginning of the end for diesel? Renault mulls a halt to diesel engines in their EU lineup


The quirky French car maker Renault may stop offering diesel cars in most of it’s European line up.

Although it’s not been officially announced the move has been attributed to the cost of ensuring the archaic diesel engine continues to conform with ever tightening emissions EU regulations.

With the dark clouds of the Volkswagen “diesel gate” still looming it’s widely accepted that most if not all diesel cars would fall foul of strict restrictions on emissions such as nitrogen oxide.

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Nissan Qashqai 2.0 dCi diesel DPF / Owner’s Manual – Regeneration FAQ


You might already know that I was once the proud owner of a 2008 Nissan Qashqia +2 Tekna (it’s pictured above). It was fully loaded, comfortable and practical – overall a great family car. Unfortunately it was plagued with DPF issues which ultimately lead to its prompt demise sale. In my shorty time with the car I was hit with 3 DPF (diesel particulate filter) forced dealer regenerations at nearly £300 a pop. This prompted my frustrated rants which seemed to hit a chord with many other disgruntled diesel drivers across the globe (click here for the original article).

We’ve started publishing the DPF Owners manuals for a couple of cars – namely my Skoda VRS 3 iii dpf and Skoda VRS 2 ii dpf so we hope that this information with continue to help those suffering at the hands of the Nissan Qashqai DPF.

Please see below the excerpts from the horrid SUV that started this website’s love / hate relationship with the diesel particulate filter.

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Review: Skoda Octavia 3 iii Canton Sound System (Estate VRS)


Since my first car (a 1985 Fiesta 1.1 Ghia) I’ve always been a keen car audio enthusiast. Now we’re not talking H&K or Bose level stuff but just making sure I have a well rounded sound with a bit of bass thrown in. This has often resulted in a mismatch pair of 10 inch subs powered by a generic 700w amp bought from a “friend” that’s been fixed to the back seats with self tappers. Enough to rattle the interior mirrors and upset your neighbors at 3AM. Just how I like it 🙂

My previous car (much more grown up), was a 2013 C class AMG sport which was kitted out with quote possibly the best stereo I’ve had to date but that’s to be expected of that kind of marque. When looking at for a new car I had to make sure it at least had something to fill the gap after being spoilt by the Merc for such as long time.

The current generation of Skoda Octavia VRS comes with the option of a premium sound system – the Canton. Many of you (including me) will not have heard of Canton before so here’s a little snippet from their home page.

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Skoda Octavia ii 2004 – 2013 Inc VRS Diesel Particulate Filter DPF – Owner’s Manual – Regeneration FAQ

Skoda VRS Estate Mk2 2 ii Race blue

As many of you know, I’m the proud owner of a 2015 diesel VRS estate. Lucky for me Skoda and the VAG group in general have ironed out many of the DPF issues that plagued earlier cars. My article regarding the Octavia iii 3 DPF  was very popular so I’ve put together this little post to help out my fellow Octavia 2 ii brothers and sisters.

Unfortunately due to the aging fleet and “early” design of the DPF / exhaust system the earlier cars do seem to have many more issues with the diesel particulate filter. Our research also suggests that the DPF sensors may also be prone to failure which could be a rather misleading issue.

Fortunately I’ve been able to source a couple of little gems not available on the Skoda website. Please find below the links to the Skoda Octavia ii 2 owners Manual and also the Skoda DPF leaflet


For those not wanting to trawl the manual for the good stuff, see below inc screenshots of the DPF pages in the manual

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London Diesel owners face £10 daily ‘toxicity’ charge


London’s Mayor wants to impose a “toxicity” charge to drivers of older diesel cars driving in the capital. The charge is being considered to help deter drivers of older diesel cars from the UK capitol.

The new charge would apply to cars, vans and lorries with diesel engines built before an EU emissions standard came into force in 2005 (Euro 4 EU Emissions Standards). It’s estimated that as many as 9,000 vehicles a day could be liable for the £10 charge proposed by Sadiq Khan.

He has also urged the government to re-introduce a scrappage scheme for the most polluting diesel vehicles on UK roads to help the UK clean up it’s act and move towards “clean diesel” technology.

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Our top 10 tips for getting the most from your Dash Cam

transcend dp200 dash cam top tips

So you’ve taken the first step in protecting you against bogus insurance claims and unsuspecting wild life but there are a few pointers that can really help you make the most of your newly installed dash cam.

See below our top 10 Dash cam tips and cover yourself in the event of an accident or emergency. (Transcend DP200 – pictured above)

1. Where to put it

This might be an obvious tip but you’d be surprised with the number of incorrectly place dash cams providing hours of questionable video footage on youtube. The camera should be positioned in the centre of your windscreen and as high as possible. Many people who have the room opt to mount it behind the rear view mirror for that discreet install.

2. Don’t reach for the sky

Unless your an avid bird watcher or fascinated by rare cloud formations you should limit the amount of sky you have in your picture (yes we are guilty of this!). Excess sky in the camera frame creates more glare, reducing the quality of the video. Glare will make the dash cam compensate for the brightness of the sky by making the rest of the video darker. This can reduce the quality of the the things you want to capture like that car on the wrong side of the road hurtling towards you.

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