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Nissan Juke DCi Diesel DPF Regeneration FAQ

You’ve probably found this page because like me you were looking for some solid information on how the Nissan Juke DCi DPF system works. Either Nissan are having a laugh at the our expense or the internet has truly failed us because I am unable to get a copy of UK Juke owners manual. Finding a US manual isn’t an issue but it contains no information on the DPF system at all.

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Ford Diesel Particulate Filter DPF FAQ – Fiesta / Focus / Mondeo

We’ve being doing lots on DPF issues in the last 6 months but for some reason we’ve completely ignored the top selling car manufacturer in the UK. Well that’s all about to change with our mighty Ford DPF frequently asked questions page. We’ll be adding to this page as much as possible so please let us know your experiences, tips and information in the comments below. We hope you find this page helpful so please share, like and comment so this page can help as many of your fellow Ford owners as possible. We’ve added lots of internal links to our website to help give you as much information on DPFs as possible.

Ford DPF Fluid (eolys)

Some Ford models (which models TBC) employ a DPF fluid called eolys. Eolys is a cerium/iron based solution which is designed to assist in DPF regenerative during normal driving conditions. This solution isn’t the silver bullet we all hope for but it has proven to help prevent DPF regeneration during normal driving conditions.

Its contained in a little tank behind the fuel tank any is added to the fuel system automatically. It’s suggest that the tank should be refilled every 37500 miles and if for any reason its empty the car will throw up an error and not attempt any form of DPF regeneration. At presenf we’re unsure if it caused any type of limp home mode or power loss with the eolys error.

Can I refill the Ford DPF Fluid (eolys) myself?

We’ve trawled the Ford owners forums and it’s agreed that you are able to refill the eolys tank yourself. Weather or not this is a good idea is not my call. It’s part of your vehicles service schedule (75k we understand) and we would sway towards just letting them do it. It may add around £100 to your bill but at least you know its the right fluid and it’s done correctly.

Having it done by Ford could be in your favor if you have a complaint or issue within your warranty period, even though DPF filters are not commonly covered by even the most inclusive of vehicle warranties. 

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Fuel Additives – Are they a myth or do they actually work?

exhaust pipe with plant fuel addative

Why are the large fuel suppliers heavily promoting premium fuels with active ingredients that help to keep your engine clean? Has anything changed with the fuel we use and have engines changed so significantly over the last few years?

Fuels have changed and now have an increased amount of bio-fuel added to the mixture. The current UK level is 7% for both petrol and diesel fuels. Bio fuel is sustainable and also produces lower emissions. Bio fuel does however have down sides a; by producing slightly increased carbon adhesion and b; bio fuel gravitates water which is also not desirable for your engine.

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Diesel cars banned from Olso city centre to combat air pollution

In yet another blow for diesel cars, Norwegain officals have banned the use of diesel cars in the capitol Oslo due to worsening air pollution levels.

The ban will be effective from 6am till 10pm staring today and will be in place until conditions improve.  It will restrict the usage of diesel cars on municipal roads in Olso in an attempt to clean up pollution levels in the city.

For those drivers choosing to violate the ban, they will be fined to the tune of 1,500 or £174. 

The ban, the first of it’s kind in Norway has been attributed worsening air quality in the capital combined with “atmospheric conditions”. The Government have rushed in the ban to protect the public. Greens city councillor, Lan Marie Nguyen Berg said, “In Oslo, we can’t ask children, the elderly, and those suffering from respiratory problems to remain holed up at home because the air is too dangerous to breathe.”

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Why you should never buy part worn tyres

part worn tyres uk

If you’re anything like me, you’ll despise buying new tyres. It’s an expensive and often time consuming process. It’s bad enough forking over all that cash, but the inevitable lengthy wait in a freezing waiting room with nothing but a torn copy of OK! magasine is enough to send shivers down my spine.

In the interest of saving a few bob many motorists are now opting for part worn tyres. Part worn tyres can offer a considerable saving over new rubber however many drivers aren’t aware of the dangers of buying a used rubber.

With this is mind we’ve put together some eye opening information that might just change your mind before you decide to scrimp on your car’s next boots.

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Skoda reveals the updated 2017 Octavia MK3 facelift but whats changed?

The new 2017 Octavia facelift was revealed to the public at the prestigious Vienna Autoshow yesterday amidst crowds motoring journalists all hungry for a glimpse of Skoda’s revised and best selling model to date.

For those of you following the Octavia scene, you’ll agree that it was no secret that a Octavia MK3 facelift was inbound early in 2017. The untimely withdrawal of the VRS 230 limited edition and the scrapping of the 0% finance deals was a pretty good indicator that new stock was inbound.

With the fan fare and promotional bull sh*t aside, we’ve put together this page to show how the 2017 facelift MK3 Octavia differs from the outgoing model.  As for me… being the owner of a Mk3 Octavia VRS TDi this could be my next car purchase, I’ve been watching developments closely for some time now.

How is the MK3 Octavia Facelift different to the MK3?

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Is the VW, Seat, Audi and Skoda dieselgate “emissions fix” causing EGR valves to fail?

The VAG group dropped a mighty clanger with the diesel emissions “defeat device” that cheated both government and motorists alike into thinking their cars were green. VW however don’t like the terms “dieselgate” or “defeat device” and prefer to use EA 189 NOx emissions issue.

In the US their response was to pay off owners and regulators to the tune of $17.5bn. Across the pond here in the UK we weren’t so fortunate. The VAG group –  VW, Seat, Audi and Skoda recalled the affected cars for a a free fix. This “fix” was in the form of a revised engine software update which apparently resolved the issue, bringing emissions levels in line with their false claims.

In the days and weeks following this “fix” saw reports of EGR (Exhaust Gas Return) valves failing at an alarming rate in post fix vehicles. In a letter sent to an “BigAndyG” from AudiUK we reveal why. The letter read:

“In essence, the affected vehicle’s injection phase has been split from a single injection into multiple injections which results in an improved burning process in the engine. The software update also increases the affected vehicles’ Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR) rate, which results in lower nitrogen oxides (NOx) production. Improvements in the combustion process ensure that this increase in the EGR rate (which lowers NOx levels) does not have a detrimental impact on particulate levels”

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