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Skoda “leaks” the new Octavia Mk4 before it’s official unveiling / VRS

Is anything sacred these days? Is this an unfortunate leak or a clever PR exercise to get people interested before the big Octavia MK4 unveiling on November 11th? If it was a PR exercise, Skoda nailed it. My news feed

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Why choose a business fuel card?

Reducing fuel costs in your business isn’t just about driving efficiently. There is another great way that businesses can help reduce costs by simply changing how they pay for fuel. This is why a large number of UK businesses choose

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FCA report into UK home and motor insurance practices raises major concerns

A report by the FCA (UK Financial Conduct Authority) has raised some grave concerns around the business practices of motor vehicle and home insurance providers. The report revealed that many insurance business practices were hurting consumers with 1 in 3

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Supermarkets shamed into fuel price cut as RAC slams retailers

UK Supermarkets have begun to drop fuel prices in response to claims that they aren’t passing on reductions in wholesale fuel prices. The RAC reported earlier this week that retailers should be reflecting the dip in wholesale fuel prices by

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Porsche Jumps into the Electric Market with Their New Electric Car Taycan

It seems like all big car company giants want to get a piece of the electric market. They are developing new technologies every day and constantly improving valuable electric car specifications like range, efficiency, acceleration and etc. Since Porsche is

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Volkswagen, Audi & Skoda issues DGS recall over “production fault”

Volkswagen Group Australia has issued a recall for up to 80,000 vehicles over dangerous DSG gearbox failures. An issue with the pressure accumulator could cause loss of hydraulic pressure in the automatic gearbox system, leaving it essentially stuck in neutral.

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Award winning Kia e Niro sets the bar high in the electric car wars

It’s both an exciting and confusing time for those of you looking for a new car. Like many of you, I’m also caught in a situation where choosing what powers my next car is becoming increasingly more important than the

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