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Qantas develops Hypermiling program to cut its fuel bill by $40 million a year

The Australian airline Qantas has taken airborne Hypermiling to a new level by developing a program which could cut its fuel bill by as much as $40 million a year. The airline has spent the last five years and millions

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Research shows that over 500 number plates are stolen a week in the UK

Over 500 number plates a week are being stolen in the UK by criminals targeting unsuspecting motorists, leaving many suspected of crimes from fuel drive offs to armed robbery. Figures obtained by the AA show that over 25,000 plates were

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VW Golf diesel DPF FAQ – Regeneration, Cleaning and Owners manual (diesel particulate filter) MK5 MK6 MK7

The humble VW Golf, Germany’s modern day peoples car and probably one of the most popular German cars ever to grace a UK drive way. Thing is, apart from the epic performance models such as the legendary GTI and R,

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New DVSA MOT figures reveal a 411% increase in the number of diesel cars failing emissions test since DPF changes

Figures from the DVSA have revealed that over four times the number of diesel cars have failed the MOT test since the introduction of new emissions testing rules. Since 20 May 2018 the UK government has changed the MOT rules

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Supermarkets “slash” fuel prices as crude oil price tumbles

In the uncertainty of Brexit and the UK’s political mess, it’s a welcome distraction to hear that fuel prices are being “slashed” by supermarkets. The move by major supermarket fuel suppliers including Asda, Sainsbury’s and Morrisons has seen 1p a

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Skoda Octavia MY19 documents confirms new pricing for VRS245 and says goodbye to the diesel 184

It’s been months since Skoda closed the books on its performance family mover but finally it looks like you’ll be able to secure yourself a nice VRS, as long as its petrol. What the spec sheet (below) confirms is that

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The Gasoline Particulate Filter FAQ

Like it or not, emissions regulations will tighten significantly for all fossil fuelled vehicles. This means more technology, more costs and much much more to go wrong. With the fall out of dieselgate, many motorists are now opting for petrol.

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