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22 comments on “Contact Us
  1. Hi, I have BMW X3 06 reg ( 2006 ). I’m having problem with dpf filter, I love my X3 car,but don’t what i need to do to solve this problem. I have warranty which expires soon, it was four time in garage to be fix and still same problem.I do sort drives. Can i remove the filter from my car?

    • Chris says:

      No removing the filter from your car is illegal. If it is the DPF getting blocked that is the problem, then i would recommend looking into some additives to help reduce the temperature for the regeneration.

    • Stephen says:

      Hi I can have your DPF and EGR cleared with out removal in around an hour no chemicals involved, where are you based ?.

  2. Chris says:

    The catalytic converter fault light came on in my VW Polo soon after taking the car in for the NO2 emissions recall just before Christmas. I took it into my local VW dealer and they said that there was a fault with the EGR valve, but ‘luckily’ it was covered by the guarantee. I was slightly surprised, given that the car was manufactured in 2011, but from reading your article I now understand why! It therefore appears that VAG are now providing the replacement of the valve free of charge – though they don’t know how long it will be before they get the part (clearly in heavy demand at the moment)

    • Tessa Robinson says:

      My 80 year old mother is having problems with the garage following her car having been in for the emissions fix. The car became sluggish and would not accelerate. Having limped to the garage they say the EGR valve needs replacing and the engine has to be dropped to do it at a cost of £1,600. Can you give us some advice on how to tackle the garage and this whole problem please.

      • Karl says:

        Hi Tessa

        Very sorry to hear you’re having issues after the fix.

        The first thing I would do is speak to Audi / VW / Skoda / SEAT customer care and explain the issues you are having. The many comments on the site suggest that they hold the key to getting the work covered as “good will”.

        If the car is lower mileage and has a FSH this will help your case. From what we have seen £1600 is a ridiculous amount of money, I suspect that they are trying to take advantage of your mother as we have not seen such high amounts being quoted.

        I’d be happy to speak to the garage to gather some more information regarding your issues. I suspect that they would prefer not to have the publicity, what ever the case it would make a great article showing that the VAG group are dropping to new lows, trying to take advantage of elderly drivers.

        Feel free to email me direct on karl (at) if you need to.

        Good luck and let me know how you get on.

      • Kareena Ackroyd says:

        My seat leon was the same took it back to the garage for assesment and they replaced the EGR valve free of charge.

  3. Liz Lawton says:

    My Golf TDI went in for the emissions fix and the warning lights came on as I left the garage . I have been back twice to the garage and they insist that it is all a big coincidence and that I need a new EGR valve cost £750. I have just read the articles on your website and I am so happy to see that VAG are refunding people with the same problem. Thankyou as I felt all along that it must have been a problem with the fix. Wish me luck as I go back to the garage for the third time!!!

    • Karl says:

      It’s actually funny how brazen VW are being with the fixes. They must see the warning lights straight after the fix and then claim that its not related. Its disgusting that they would even try it on. Do not accept any bills for the fix.

      • Andrew Pugh says:

        I have had the upgrade had it done in January. Since the upgrade the car has become sluggish and juddery it has also started to lose power causing the car to stall I am contacting VW tomorrow but after reading through the comment now fear EGR has failed or DPF let’s see what VW have to say tomorrow

  4. Andy says:

    Had emission update done on my superb in October 16 after Xmas it kept faulting an going into limp mode Had diagnostic and EGR valve was faulty.
    Long story short. Went to dealer got 90% contribution had new EGR cooler and all glow plugs replaced by Skoda.

  5. Amy says:

    Hi Karl. I own a Audi A3 1.6 diesel and recently had the ECU update done. After driving my car for the very first time since the update, it broke down. Audi collected it, and after a few days decided to replace the ECU. After this, while they were testing the new ECU, injector one failed. Audi have said that the break down and failure to the injector have nothing to do with the update. Please advise how I should move forward. They still have my car (2 months later) and they keep saying everything that happens is a coincidence. Any help is much appreciated!!

    • Karl says:

      Hi Amy

      It’s sounds like your dealership is taking you for a ride. They are sitting on the car as they replacement EGR valves are on an 8 week back order.

      I would ring Audi customer services on 0800699888 and explain the situation. They should resolve the issue as good will and get your vehicle back ASAP.

      If needs be point them in the direction of this article and other peoples experiences. It is not a coincidence.

  6. Safdar Hussain says:

    Hi after having my Audi A4 2.0 tdi emissions update done 2 weeks later I’m having starting issues got AA out no faults found took it to Audi they also say no codes or faults coming up now I’m worried I will have to pay for repairs on it 84k full Audi service history 61 reg they saying it has nothing to do with update but never had problems with my car it’s was running perfectly any help or advice please

  7. arthur roy says:

    I have an Audi A4 which had the emission fix done whilst in for it’s service. I was travelling from my home in Inverness, almost a year later ,through the Yorkshire Dales whilst on holiday.
    Of course the car goes into limp mode and would not reset. By shear chance there was a local mechanic who had the VAG diagnostic tools available and he diagnosed the issue with EGR valve. He sourced a new EGR valve and replaced it and rectified the problem.
    I contacted Audi and they have washed their hands of the issue as I did not use an Audi dealership.
    Unfortunately I had no option because of the situation I found myself. Totally pi**ed off with VAG

  8. Jo says:

    I have had the letter to take my car in for its emissions testing then my EGR light came on and the dealership suggested I get this sorted before I have the emissions done.
    So I took my car in had it serviced and MOT, there were no problems found.
    I have booked my car back in for Friday but last Friday my EGR light is on and the pump light is not on, my car has lost power too. What shall I do ? I’ve booked my car into my local garage to fix it tomorrow or do I need to go to the dealer and question this?

  9. Marie Everill says:

    Hi I bought a used VW GOLF TDI 2012 in October last year- not from a VW dealership. The diagnosis from the machine is P0403- EGR circuit, CTRL circuit malfunction. I don’t think the dealership ( Available Cars) is going to repair this for me can I go to VW with this? If not how much is the cost likely to be. Many thanks for any help you can give.

  10. Hi
    I have a seat 1.6 tdi. Have had no problems up to know, if dpf light came on ,just took it for a run to regenerate. Now warning lights are on but not the dpf, were first told it was the egr valve. Decided to have a re map, but they told us the code was the dpf sensor?? Went back to the garage, who said it was unusual for these sensors to go on our car, and the cost would be £440/500. But he could not guarantee this would solve the problem. I am so confused. We are going on a long journey in 3 days time, and he said to give it a good run on the motorway, but then to think of changing to a petrol car?! I haver ordered some dpf cleaner to try and help regeneration although the light is not on. What should I do?

  11. Bob Howell says:

    Just found your excellent web site and have a question.
    My Golf Plus has been updated with the Emissions “fix” approx 2 months ago and in the last 3 weeks has developed intermittent loss of power issues, accompanied by various warning light combinations appearing.
    I’m about to take it back to the dealer armed with the background information you present on your site.

    I wondered if “upgrades/fixes” issued and completed by the original manufacturer are covered by any legislation such as the Consumer Rights Act. If yes, then is there some legal aspect to make VW accountable?
    Any thoughts on this?

  12. Kerry Kane says:

    I had emissions recall done last Monday I have since noticed low power and today it is over heating and fan coming on after short journey. I have had no previous issues with my car I am convinced it is due to the emissions fix and when I googled it I was devastated by what I have found. I will be in contect with the dealer in the morning but I don’t want to get into a long or costly battle with them I just want my car running as it was. Can you help if I get negative response from the dealer that carried out the repair.

  13. June Smillie says:

    I have a seat ibiza 1.2 diesel. The engine management light came on after the emmissons were apparently fixed at recall. The wanted to charge me £750 to replace the EGR valve. I had to pay £81 for diagnostic check. I disputed this and called seat headquarters. After several weeks of phone calls. They paid the whole cost of the repair.

  14. Susan says:

    I had my skoda yeti emissions done a few months ago,the light stays on and the car is sluggish,been in touch with garage doesn’t seem to be doing much about it,what do I do.

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