Fuel Protests 2011

Hypermiler.co.uk is fully supporting Fuel Protests in order to high light the effect that soaring fuel prices and unfair fuel taxes are having on UK motorists and businesses.

If you have any information regarding planned fuel protests please email us:

[email protected] so we can do all we can to promote and publicise the event.

We are also looking for any image or video taken during fuel protests.

Together we can make a difference.

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2 comments on “Fuel Protests 2011
  1. MR A. gainst says:

    why in 2000 when fuel was about 90p litre why did everyone scream and shout about the price of fuel, all the strikes and picketing?!?!

    now fuel is at an all time high, why arent we doing something about it??

    it seems like we have just seemed to accept it.??? why??!?!?

  2. Dan says:

    Lets all stop buying fuel from one particular supplier i.e BP or Shell, if the whole country stop buying from them prices will drop!

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