When I first started Hypermiler.co.uk I spent many hours researching the best fuel saving tips and techniques I could find.

Often I would come across some outlandish claims from fuel additive suppliers claiming huge increases in economy, lower emissions and all at a great price. Sounds too good to be true!

When I was contacted by Nigel @ ecofuelplus regarding trialing the Aderco fuel additive I literally jumped at the chance.

Before I go into detail about my experiences – lets look a:

How Aderco works:

  • ADERCO 5000 breaks down agglomerates into very small suspended particles and disperses them throughout the fuel.
  • These particles are less likley to clog fuel filters and are more readily combusted.
  • ADERCO 5000 is a surface-active agent (surfactant), which improves atomisation: it creates a greater fuel surface by increasing the number of droplets formed during atomisation.
  • As a result, available oxygen is used more efficiently, to improve combustion.
  • Fuel treated by ADERCO 5000 burns completely and reduces carbon formation (soot).
  • There will be fewer deposits inside the combustion chamber, on exhaust valves and the exhaust routes.

What is Aderco

ADERCO is a 100% organic fuel additive, which reduces the harmful effects of impurities in modern fuels and improves combustion.

It is a fantastic product with huge benefits for the both the domestic user and for industry.

Already well established in shipping (ADERCO treated 20 million tonnes of fuel last year) it is now available in the UK

Offering improved engine efficiency, reduced pollutants and better fuel economy.

The Benefits

ADERCO’s patented surfactant technology has been proven to create a finer mist of fuel at the injectors. This means that there is an improved fuel/air mix and as a result better combustion. This gives more power, better fuel economy and lower emissions.

It claims to:

  • Reduce deposits on the injectors
  • Improve injection & combustion
  • Reduce fuel consumption
  • Reduce emissions
  • Clean pistons

The Results

Knowing that Aderco works best on older engines I was quite hopeful that it would deliver the goods on my 97 Golf Tdi with a “well run in” volkswagon powerplant.

At first I didn’t notice much difference at all. However after my second fill I did notice the engine ran smoother and with a lot less smog out the rear pipes – a big improvement over the smoke screen that normally filled the road when I had to give it a little poke.

Obviously I wasnt looking for just a better running engine, this product was all about helping me return more miles for my gallon.

Over 5 fills – 150 litres on average it pushed up the Golf’s MPG by 4MPG. Now that doesn’t sound like a lot but over a year (12000) miles it would save you 50 litres of fuel (or about £58 ), more than covering the cost of the bottle.

If you combine that with claims of reduced emissions, engine wear and deposits – Aderco seems like a very good buy.

Visit http://www.ecofuelplus.co.uk and read about it yourself.


I am currently trialing the additive in the Skoda Fabia VRS and will report back on my findings very soon. So far its looking good!