Electric car MPGe running cost comparison

With so much hype about electric cars its hard to actually work out how much you could benefit from owning one.

Below is a table showing the most popular electric vehicles available today together with their MPGe values.

Please note: The US EPA (Environmental protection agency) calculates MPGe based on the energy values for each fuel. This doesn’t take into account fuel and energy prices. Our calculations are based the KW/H per mile / KM official manufactures figures and the current fuel / energy costs.

The results below are based on the UK average petrol price of 130p / litre and British Gas electric rates of 13.2p per KW/H

VehicleKW/H per 100KMMiles per KW/HMPGe
BMW i312.94.8210.64
Nissan Leaf154.1181.15
Renault Zoe154.1181.15


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