With so much hype about electric cars its hard to actually work out how much you could benefit from owning one.

Below is a table showing the most popular electric vehicles available today together with their MPGe values.

Please note: The US EPA (Environmental protection agency) calculates MPGe based on the energy values for each fuel. This doesn’t take into account fuel and energy prices.¬†Our calculations are based the KW/H per mile / KM official manufactures figures and the current fuel / energy costs.

The results below are based on the UK average petrol price of 130p / litre and British Gas electric rates of 13.2p per KW/H

VehicleKW/H per 100KMMiles per KW/HMPGe
BMW i312.94.8210.64
Nissan Leaf154.1181.15
Renault Zoe154.1181.15