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Volkswagen get the green light from US regulators to sell “fixed” diesel vehicles

Over in the US, Volkswagen have been given the green light to “flog” their fleet of “fixed” diesel vehicles by the EPA.

In what seems as a massive turn around by US regulators, VW have been given permission to sell off 2015 diesel models to the unsuspecting public. Until now all sales of diesel vehicles have been suspended in light of the emissions issue affecting around half a million cars.

The fix, as we covered in this article is a two phase process that provides both a software fix and replacement EGR & DPF filters. This is in contrast to the fix offered to long suffering UK owners who are not being offered such inclusive repair and warranty packages. Many owners are having to foot the bill for mechanical parts failing due to VW’s continued denial of any link between the fix and issues occurring shortly there after – see the links below.

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Representatives from the Volkswagen diesel customer forum (Emissions scandal) meet with UK Government officials

Representatives from the Volkswagen diesel customer forum met with members of the Transport Select Committee on Tuesday (22/03/2017) to discuss the emissions scandal and how VW are handling the situation with their UK customer base.

Three administrators from the fast growing group who represent VW, Audi, Skoda and Seat owners experiencing issues following the emissions recall met with Louise Ellman, chair of the committee. They presented her with a report detailing VW’s mishandling of the recall and how the “fix” has impacted recalled vehicles. The report detailed common issues experienced by owners, revealing EGR failures on an unprecedented scale. 

The report showed common issues following the emissions updating which included 

  • Reduced MPG
  • Reduced performance
  • Diesel Particle Filter (DPF) excessively regenerating
  • DPF Failure
  • Exhaust Gas Regeneration Valve (EGR) Valve failure
  • Vehicles entering Limp Mode

It goes on to detail correspondence with Paul Willis, Managing Director of Volkswagen Group UK Ltd who denies these mechanical failures are a result of the recall. The letters detail his repeated claim that the fix has been ‘KBA approved and extensively tested to have no effect on performance, fuel consumption, Co2 emissions, maximum torque and noise’. 

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Dieselgate: How the emissions “fix” will affect your DPF Diesel Particulate Filter in your VW, Audi, Skoda & Seat

DPF dieselgate emissions fix

The public outcry over failed EGR valves post the VW emissions fix continues to dominate our web traffic. We’re hearing from an increasing number of concerned owners who are raising questions over the lifespan of other mechanical components, namely their DPF (Diesel Participate filters).

We’ve covered this problematic and costly filter at length, so lets see how you’ll be affected post the emissions “fix”.

What is a DPF – Diesel Particulate Filter?

A diesel particulate filter (DPF) is a device which sits in the exhaust system, it “captures” soot / diesel particulate and other nasty particles before they are released into atmosphere. A diesel particulate filter can remove upwards of 85% of the particles from the exhaust, reducing harmful emissions. The filter captures the soot and ash particles in a net or mesh like structure within the filter.

All VAG vehicles “recalled” for the EA 189 NOx emissions issue are Euro 5 and by law have to be equipped with a DPF filter.

How will the emissions fix affect my DPF?

In a letter from the UK’s DfT (Department for Transport) Duncan Kay (Head of Vehicle Environment Team) it was confirmed in writing that the “fix” offered to VAG owners “causes about twice” the level of carcinogenic diesel particulate matter to be produced during the combustion process. 

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Deiselgate: VW offers warranty for US Emissions fixes while UK made to suffer three figure repair bills

The utter sham that this the UK emissions fix is about to be taken to a whole new level. Official Volkswagen documentation has revealed that VW are offering US customers comprehensive warranties and free component replacements for those choosing to have the emissions “fix”. In contrast UK customers have been pressured bullied into the “fix” only to be faced with three figure bills, tumbling fuel efficiency and noisy engines.

The administrators over at the Volkswagen Diesel Customer Forum facebook group have provided us with a detailed document for US VW diesel owners showing the comprehensive warranty offered to them.

The detailed document details in full the aspects of the software fix that compromises the efficiency and reliability of the vehicles. The “fix” for US customers comes in 2 parts.

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Survey: VW Emissions Fix. Let’s hear from you

diesel vw emissions f

We’ve been covering the VW emissions fix issues closely in the past few months. We’ve seen and heard from lots of disgruntled owners all suffering similar issues. EGR failures, reduced MPG and increased engine noise are just some of the complaints that are flooding in.

We’re interested to see the scale of the issue for ourselves so we’ve put together a survey to see how owners are affected.

We’ve embedded the Google survey below. Please use the scroll bars to the side of the form to fully complete it. If you’re on a mobile device or tablet you may find it easier to use the following link https://goo.gl/S5jgOS

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Car Finance 101: What is VT voluntary termination

voluntary termination car transporter

With all the fuss over the VW emissions scandal, voluntary termination has been a hot topic or many VAG owners. Many owners now consider their car a liability and are looking to move on. What many people fail to understand us their right to VT / voluntary terminate their vehicle finance agreement without penalty. 


What is VT / voluntary termination?

Voluntary termination is a process by which you, the consumer have a right to terminate a regulated credit agreement when you have “paid off” 50% of the total amount payable. You are within your rights to terminate at any point after the 50% mark however if you are under this threshold you will be liable for the remaining balance which makes up the 50%.

This process allows a vehicle to be returned before the end of the finance agreement with little to no penalties dues. More on that later.

Essentially, as long as you’ve paid back over 50% of your agreement you can give the car back at no further cost.

The voluntary termination process is covered under the consumer credit act 1974. You can read more about the Consumer credit act 1974 here – scroll down to section 99.

What types of finance agreements will let me voluntary terminate

There are three main types of car finance available in the UK. These are:

  • Personal contract purchase (PCP)
  • Person Contract Hire (PCH)
  • Fixed sum loan / bank loan

You may only voluntary terminate a personal contract purchase (PCP) finance agreement. These types of agreements are very popular in the UK. They allow the financing of a car which may not be financially viable by a bank or fixed sum loan.

PCP finance consists of a small deposit followed by a fixed term of repayments. After this term the vehicle can either be handed back or the balance of the remaining value in the vehicle settled. Essentially the vehicle is owned by the finance company unless the “balloon” payment is settled.

In essence you are simply paying off the depreciation of the vehicle, meaning you can afford a much higher value vehicle than one financed through a conventional repayment loan. This reduces monthly payments but may leave you with nothing to show for your payments if you simply return the car at the end of the agreement.

How much to I need to have paid before I can voluntary terminate?

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Dieselgate: Is the UK Government and Press in bed with VW? Is this a cover up?

diesel gate coverup

Judging by the number of visits and comments we’re getting on our #dieselgate articles, the UK dieselgate scandal is as wide spread as many had feared.

Just as worrying as the mechanical failures “post fix” is the complete lack of media attention and coverage of this damaging issue. In the US the dieselgate scandal was a reporting goldmine. The US media went to town, dragging VW through the mud at every opportunity. 

Here in the UK we’re being affected a little differently. In absence of the mass the buy back scheme as seen in America, UK owners have been subjected to a fix that is proving to be quite the opposite. VW are denying that EGR, DPF and engine management failures are not related to the emissions update despite overwhelming evidence. This has seen some unlucky owners footing bills in excess of £600 to right a problem caused directly by this update. In fact at least one case has been reported to us of an EGR failure before the vehicle even left the VW dealer’s car park.


We suggest that this lack of coverage is due to one thing: Money. VW and their associated brands spend millions of pounds a year on advertising with the very media outlets that should be holding them to account. Even more concerning is the DfT’s dismissal of our concerns. Could it also be that VW’s lobby groups are also influencing government to “play down” these issues? Is this a cover up?

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