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Skoda Octavia MY19 documents confirms new pricing for VRS245 and says goodbye to the diesel 184

It’s been months since Skoda closed the books on its performance family mover but finally it looks like you’ll be able to secure yourself a nice VRS, as long as its petrol.

What the spec sheet (below) confirms is that the old Euro 6 184 diesel has been dropped in favour of the 150PS version, and you guessed it, no more diesel VRS. Our sources suggest that Skoda were unable to make the 184 engine meet even stricter Euro 6 emissions targets, especially when Euro 6c brings in “real world” testing conditions. Either way, I think the move to petrol is good for the VRS brand, the diesel version just didn’t quite cut it. It’s just a shame that the option for 4WD is still absent from the VRS.

The new MY19 Octavia VRS will only be available in a TSI petrol 245 with prices starting at £26,965 OTR with no extras. The addition of a DSG gearbox in an estate body will bump the prices to £29,245.00. By the time you add some nice paint, virtual cockpit, 19″ rims, the Canton speaker upgrade and a sunroof you’ll be in a hole for well over £30k. 

The standard trim level is pretty good but there a few options you really shouldn’t do without.

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The Gasoline Particulate Filter FAQ


Like it or not, emissions regulations will tighten significantly for all fossil fuelled vehicles. This means more technology, more costs and much much more to go wrong.

With the fall out of dieselgate, many motorists are now opting for petrol. In fact record numbers are switching to petrol and alternatively fueled vehicles as the demonisation of diesel powered vehicles continues to gain momentum.

Unfortunately petrol engines haven’t escaped the emissions crack down. The latest advance in petrol emissions control technology is the GPF or gasoline particulate filter. 

What is a GPF Gasoline Particulate Filter

A GPF (Gasoline Particulate Filter) is an inline exhaust filter designed to capture soot particulates in direct injection petrol engines (GDI). Much like a DPF, it comprises of a honeycomb like filter structure made from a synthetic ceramic material.

As exhaust gasses pass through the filter, soot particles are captured. These filters are highly efficient, capturing in excess of 90% of airborne particulates which would otherwise be released into the atmosphere.

In Germany, theses filters are referred to as Otto particle filter (Ottopartikelfilter or OPF)

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Double blow for drivers as fuel prices rocket and government hint at duty rise

You’ll have all noticed the relentless increase in fuel prices over the last couple of months. In fact, this week marks the 10th consecutive week that fuel prices in the UK have risen.

Don’t expect this trend to reverse soon either, with Hurricane Florence set to batter the East of Coast of America concerns over supply have already sent crude prices up 3%. Mated with the governments hint that fuel duty could be on the rise could mean dark times ahead for the UKs cash strapped motorists.

According to fuelprices.co.uk the average price of diesel is 134.2 p/l with petrol trailing closely at 131.3 p/l.  We’re not quite at the levels seen in 2012 where 140p/l was common place but we’re very quickly heading that way as you’ll see from the fuel price graph below (Source RAC Foundation).

furl prices over last 10 years uk

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Leaked internal Skoda document shows Octavia VRS MY19 changes DPF & OPF

Leaked Skoda Octavia VRS MY19 changes

In the quest to upgrade my 2015 Skoda Octavia VRS diesel to a shiny new 245BHP petrol wagon, I have uncovered some very interesting news (thanks OvRSOC) about the new MY19 “model year 2019” changes to my favourite performance family mover.

As with every model year update, manufacturers make some subtle changes to the spec, equipment levels and sometimes even a face lift. However, a leaked internal Skoda document shows something a little more worrying for those of you interested in what will be under the hood of the new Octavia VRS range (when you can actually order a new one)

Changes to the TSI Petrol VRS MY19

The engine lineup for the petrol VRS will see all variants pushed to 245PS, as seen in the limited edition 245PS run last year. Skoda will also make standard the electronic limited slip differential (VAQ) as seen the in the special edition 245 and 230 models before it. With the extra power on tap the differential is certainly a welcome change however addition of a petrol particulate filter (to meet EU6.2 AG emissions standards) might be a little worrying for those rightly concerned about their use in diesel engines (DPF filters) within the VAG lineup. More on DPF filters here.

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VR & Electric Cars Inevitably Cross Paths

It would be hard to argue against the idea that virtual reality and electric cars represent two of the most exciting tech developments of the current decade. Neither is actually new this decade, mind you, but they’ve certainly emerged in new and significant ways these last few years. And perhaps inevitably, they’ve started to cross paths.

This probably shouldn’t surprise us, not just because they’re two prominent technologies but because virtual reality in particular has branched out in some unexpected ways. It started out with some fairly rapid expansion through the video game ranks. While VR started with demos and app-like games, it’s now embracing new versions of major franchises that were already very popular on Xbox, PlayStation, etc. And internet casino games, which have become thoroughly integrated with mobile devices, are also starting to dip their toes into virtual reality.

If people were surprised to see virtual reality editions of Skyrim and popular online slot games though, it’s nothing to how odd it was to see other applications for VR. There are virtual fitting rooms popping up in some retail stores; there are virtual treatments for migraines and anxiety; there’s VR storytelling to take you through everything from mysterious crime scenes to Biblical tales. VR is just about everywhere – which, again, is why we shouldn’t really be surprised that it’s apparently in electric cars, in more ways than one.

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Volkswagen diesel customer forum crowd funds VW van to help spread the word over dieselgate “fix”

Over 7300 members of the Volkswagen diesel customer forum have raised over £6,000 to purchase and sign written VW caddy van carrying a stark warnings over the so call diesel gate “fix”. 

The van will be displayed around the country to help warn other motorists and raise awareness of the issues facing owners who have suffered at the hands of VW diesel emissions cheating.

In a statement to the press, group spokesman Gareth Pritchard said, “The group believes this is good timing given that the EU has recently come out and stated that Volkswagen have yet to guarantee that the fix does not affect fixed vehicles’ performance. The group will be using the van to travel throughout the country to hopefully keep the public informed that some customers (our members) report that the “fix” has so far seen many vehicles suffer performance related issues post fix.”

The van will start it’s tour of the country in Yorkshire and will work its away around the country, spreading the truth about the VW Group’s so called “fix” which has seen thousands of owners suffering with failure of EGR values, DPFs, turbo and fuel systems.

We’ve covered the “dieselgate” scandal since the very beginning and have worked with the group to help raise awareness over the issue. We applaud the work that the Volkswagen diesel customer forum has done. Keep up the good work!

If you’re affected by the recall then please do take the time to join up and express your feelings about the issue and how its affected you. Click for The Volkswagen Diesel Customer Forum (Emissions Scandal)

Let’s hear from you!

Have you suffered at the hands of the VW emissions fix? Did you break down as a result? Let’s hear from you in the comments below.

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SMMT urges UK government to back new diesel technology as new car registrations fall

new uk car cales smmt march 2015

Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock for the past 6 months, I’m sure you’re aware of the demonetisation of the once heralded diesel car. The government U-Turn on diesel cars combined with diesel emissions cheating by more than one manufacturer has rocked consumer confidence in which was once the nation’s favourite fuel.

Our rocky relationship with diesel combined with uncertainly over Brexit has seen new car registrations fall overall (-3.5%) with diesel cars being worst hit. 

Figures from the SMMT show that diesel sales in 2018 so far have fallen 28.2% compared with the same period last year. That’s quite a fall and very much a sign that diesel has well and truly had it’s day.

With crumbling diesel sales and fragile car sales overall the SMMT has called on government to support industry investment in all fuel technologies in order to help consumer choice and ultimately new car sales as a whole. 

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