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Did you know you can get free MOT reminders from the .GOV website?!


Whist we were looking for information regarding the new MOT DPF rules coming in May 2018 we happened to stumble on this little gem on the .GOV website.

Simply enter your registration number, your email address or mobile number (here) and the kind people on the GOV website will send you free MOT reminders! You’ll get a reminder one month before your MOT is due and another two weeks before it expires. No need to wait for a call from your local garage and no need to check the calendar.

With a penalty of up tp £1000 for driving a vehicle without an MOT, it’s a great way of making sure you don’t forget. Did we also mention it’s free. Zero cost.

It’s not the only handy tool on the GOV website either. Check out the other free checks below too!

Click to sign up for MOT reminders on the GOV website. We hope you find this useful and please do share this page on Facebook, Google+ and twitter so your friends and family can make use of this free service. Enjoy!

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UK government gets tough on DPF tampering – Updated MOT test coming 20th May 2018


The UK MOT (Ministry of Transport) test will finally get tough on DPF cheats with a new rules coming into force to ensure diesel particulate filters have not been tampered with.

The new test will require MOT testers to check the condition of the filter, ensuring it has not been tampered with or “gutted”. This purely visual check will help ensure diesel car emissions are in line with EURO5 and above emissions controls.

An entire industry has emerged offering DPF removal / gutting services, however it’s often hidden in the small print that these is for purely off-road use and is not legal for road use. For those suffering at the hands of DPF failure, removal is seen as a cheap alternative to replacing the costly filter. Prices of DPF removal star from around £200, making it a “no brainer” for those presented with a £1000+ bill for a new filter.

With the new MOT rules coming into force May 20th 2018, it could see mahy drivers failing the MOT even if they were not aware that the DPF had been tampered with. Whilst we applaud the government for this tough new stance on DPF filter we do feel for those that have bought a vehicle not knowing the status of the DPF, they could be facing huge bills for DPF replacement despite passing their vehicle passing previous MOTs.

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UK University developments “ACCT” diesel saving emissions controls

A UK university has developed an emissions control system which could all but eliminate harmful diesel emissions. 

The “ACCT” system being developed by researchers at the Loughborough University dramatically lowers NOx output, improves engine and fuel efficiency and helps reduce CO2 and particulate matter emissions.  The”ACCT” system or ammonia creation and conversion technology  uses waste heat to convert a small volume of AdBlueTM into a new solution that produces the required ammonia even at low temperatures. It’s claimed that the new technology will effectively integrate with existing reduction systems, requiring minimal re-design.

The team led by Graham Hargrave, professor of optical diagnostics, and Jonathan Wilson, research associate — has been working on exhaust missions for many years but achieved its breakthrough in the past two. It’s already been recognised with top accolades including winning the Technological Innovation of the Year in the Times Higher Education (THE) Awards.

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VW boast €80 billion sales revenue, sells 6.23 million vehicles yet continues to defraud UK government and consumers

DPF dieselgate emissions fix

Figures released today by Volkswagen have revealed that the shamed car giant posted a €80 billion sales revenue and shifted over 6 million vehicles in 2017. These results show a continued recovery since the group was rocked by the “diesel gate” emissions scandal that threatened sink the once aspirational brand.

This represents an increase of over 4% both in revenue and vehicles out the door.

Interestingly the figures also reveal that the “Special effects from the diesel crisis” cost VW a mere €2.8 billion in 2017 compared to €5.2 billion in 2016. We can only speculate that VW’s hardening approach to the thousands of drivers who are suffering at the hands of the EA189 emissions fix is helping its own operating profits at the experience of their once loyal UK customer base. Not great reading if you’re one of the many drivers stuck with a broken VW Group car.

As further details emerge proving that the emissions fix has in fact increased emissions and reduced fuel consumption we continue to wonder why the limp UK government fails to take VW to task over it’s “misleading conservative” emissions figures. If the reports are correct, the UK treasury could be owed a small fortune in emissions taxes let alone the environmental impact the cars have caused over the years. 

Despite the rallying call against VW by many media outlets ,the government continues to let VW get away with murder. With diesel sales tumbling and the world in awe of a seemingly never ending “EV concept press release” frenzy, the “historical” actions of the VWs deceit is being eclipsed by this shiny new green car era.

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HOW TO: Change the keyfob battery in your Skoda Octavia / VW Gold / Seat / Audi

keyfob battery replacement

That annoying warning when your keyfob battery is low isn’t going to fix itself. Rather than a trip to the dealers we’ve put together a little youtube video with our Sister Website – Turbo-Nutters.co.uk on how to change it yourself.

It’s only a 2 minute job and if you’re anything like me you’ll have been putting up with the warning for months. We don’t know if the key will actually stop working if you leave it long enough but we’d rather not take the chance.

Check out our video below

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The Volkswagen Diesel Customer Forum (Emissions Scandal) group breaks 7000 members

The Volkswagen Diesel Customer-Forum Emissions Scandal 7000 members

Let’s face it, the VW are no longer able to contain the lies and deceit that has plagued the car maker since “dieselgate” hit the headlines.

It’s not just some petty corporate figure fiddling either, the issue has left some owners thousands of pounds out of pocket and without their cars for weeks on end whilst the VW Group denies any responsibility.

The Volkswagen Diesel Customer Forum (Emissions Scandal) has set to change this.  They have worked tirelessly highlighting these issues to the public and press all whilst lobbying government into taking action against VW in order to seek justice for owners affected by the emissions recall.

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VW Emissions Fix Survey: Owners who opted not to have the Emission fix

Our last VW Emissions survey was very successful with over 2,000 responses and lots of eye opening statistics – Read more here.

What it failed to do was gather the thoughts from those who opted not to let VW ruin their car have the fix applied. That’s all about to change with our newest survey.

We’ve put together this latest survey to help piece together the reasons why people opted not to gave the fix and if VW were misleading with the campaign to roll the fix out to as many cars as possible. Please do take the time to fill out the survey below and help us further build the case against VW and it’s disgraceful conduct throughout this emissions “recall”. Feel free to share this page on social media to help us collate as many responses as possible.

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