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VW boast €80 billion sales revenue, sells 6.23 million vehicles yet continues to defraud UK government and consumers

DPF dieselgate emissions fix

Figures released today by Volkswagen have revealed that the shamed car giant posted a €80 billion sales revenue and shifted over 6 million vehicles in 2017. These results show a continued recovery since the group was rocked by the “diesel gate” emissions scandal that threatened sink the once aspirational brand.

This represents an increase of over 4% both in revenue and vehicles out the door.

Interestingly the figures also reveal that the “Special effects from the diesel crisis” cost VW a mere €2.8 billion in 2017 compared to €5.2 billion in 2016. We can only speculate that VW’s hardening approach to the thousands of drivers who are suffering at the hands of the EA189 emissions fix is helping its own operating profits at the experience of their once loyal UK customer base. Not great reading if you’re one of the many drivers stuck with a broken VW Group car.

As further details emerge proving that the emissions fix has in fact increased emissions and reduced fuel consumption we continue to wonder why the limp UK government fails to take VW to task over it’s “misleading conservative” emissions figures. If the reports are correct, the UK treasury could be owed a small fortune in emissions taxes let alone the environmental impact the cars have caused over the years. 

Despite the rallying call against VW by many media outlets ,the government continues to let VW get away with murder. With diesel sales tumbling and the world in awe of a seemingly never ending “EV concept press release” frenzy, the “historical” actions of the VWs deceit is being eclipsed by this shiny new green car era.

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HOW TO: Change the keyfob battery in your Skoda Octavia / VW Gold / Seat / Audi

keyfob battery replacement

That annoying warning when your keyfob battery is low isn’t going to fix itself. Rather than a trip to the dealers we’ve put together a little youtube video with our Sister Website – Turbo-Nutters.co.uk on how to change it yourself.

It’s only a 2 minute job and if you’re anything like me you’ll have been putting up with the warning for months. We don’t know if the key will actually stop working if you leave it long enough but we’d rather not take the chance.

Check out our video below

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The Volkswagen Diesel Customer Forum (Emissions Scandal) group breaks 7000 members

The Volkswagen Diesel Customer-Forum Emissions Scandal 7000 members

Let’s face it, the VW are no longer able to contain the lies and deceit that has plagued the car maker since “dieselgate” hit the headlines.

It’s not just some petty corporate figure fiddling either, the issue has left some owners thousands of pounds out of pocket and without their cars for weeks on end whilst the VW Group denies any responsibility.

The Volkswagen Diesel Customer Forum (Emissions Scandal) has set to change this.  They have worked tirelessly highlighting these issues to the public and press all whilst lobbying government into taking action against VW in order to seek justice for owners affected by the emissions recall.

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VW Emissions Fix Survey: Owners who opted not to have the Emission fix

Our last VW Emissions survey was very successful with over 2,000 responses and lots of eye opening statistics – Read more here.

What it failed to do was gather the thoughts from those who opted not to let VW ruin their car have the fix applied. That’s all about to change with our newest survey.

We’ve put together this latest survey to help piece together the reasons why people opted not to gave the fix and if VW were misleading with the campaign to roll the fix out to as many cars as possible. Please do take the time to fill out the survey below and help us further build the case against VW and it’s disgraceful conduct throughout this emissions “recall”. Feel free to share this page on social media to help us collate as many responses as possible.

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New car registrations in the UK fall by 5.7% in 2017

According to data by the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT), new car registrations in the UK fell by 5.7% in 2017. This marks the first time new car registrations have fallen in the past three years with just 2.54 million new cars registered in 2017.

The SMMT has reported that falling consumer confidence, worsening exchange rates and concerns over the future of diesel as the reason the decline. Chief Exec. of the SMMT, Mike Hawes said “We must keep perspective: this is not the industry falling off a cliff edge – it is a retraction from exceptional highs in the face of significant challenges. Diesel has suffered from confusion among consumers about its environmental impact, but we believe there is increasing clarity about the benefits of the latest engines. There is strong evidence that diesel owners have held off replacing their cars until they get clarity rather than simply going out and buying a petrol car instead, and our belief is that many of them will return to the market this year.”

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Choosing the best Windscreen wiper blades for your Skoda Octavia Mk3 2013 onwards

We’ve been reading various posts on the Skoda Owners Club website and facebook pages with owners looking advice for the best wiper blades available for your Octavia MK3, so we’ve put together this article to help you guys out.

Avoid Cheap wipers

Choosing the right wiper blades for your MK3 Skoda Octavia & (VRS) is essential to safe motoring, especially when the weather turns. Cheap, poor quality or fault wiper blades is like having smeared glasses.  It’s not only annoying to have a dirty windscreen but its also dangerous to have your vision impaired whilst driving. 

We’ve used cheap wipers in the past and we’ve suffered at the hands of excess wind noise and the dreaded wiper judder. It’s common knowledge that the Octavia suffers from excessive road noise so its only common sense to not add any further noise into the mix.

Recommended Wipers

We replaced the wipers on the Hypermiler 2015 Octavia VRS Estate only recently. We trawled the owners’ clubs and Facebook groups looking for recommendations. What we read time and time again is great feedback and recommendations for the Bosch Aerotwin range of blades.

On our MK3 estate, they performed flawlessly. Quiet, smooth and great performance even the heaviest rain.

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VW Emissions group lobbies Government for action against DfT’s role in the diesel gate emissions recall

In a tough move by the Volkswagen Diesel Customer Forum (Emissions Scandal) over 140 members of the 6,400 strong group have contacted the transport select committee in response to the issues surrounding the VW EA 189 emissions recall. 

As you might have noticed, we’ve been closely following and reporting on the fall out from the recall for some time. It’s been clearly apparent that the DfT’s role in the recall has helped mislead customers into having the damaging and irreversible fix applied to their cars.

The government has yet to act and continues to be in cohorts with the VW group over the recall. Unlike in the USA, the VW Group has acted with impunity and has continued to deny any link between the emissions fix and mechanical failures vehicle owners have been experiencing, despite overwhelming evidence.

Our own survey of theVW group owners has clearly shown EGR, injector and DPF failures in alarming rates with many owners faced with triple-figure repair bills despite the so-called “trust-building measures” from VW Group. More on that here

We applaud the Volkswagen Diesel Customer Forum in the face of our incompetent government agencies and a biased media “paid off” by the gargantuan marketing budget of the despicable car manufacturer.

If you’ve been affected by the recall then please consider joining the Volkswagen Diesel Customer Forum (Emissions Scandal) facebook group. 

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