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Hypermiler gets interviewed on BBC Radio 4 you and yours – Listen again

Its been a while since we’ve enjoyed some airtime on the radio, especially since the “hype” around Hypermiling has died it’s death. I was therefore keen to help BBC Radio 4’s You and Yours program out with a topic very much in the spotlight.

In the latest You and Yours feature we reveal the extent of VW’s lies and deceit in relation to the VW emissions fix and it’s aftermath. In our interview we discussed the results of our survey and raised the issues around these so called “good will” offers which seem to be common place following EGR failure for post fixed vehicles. You can read more about the results of our VW Emissions fix survey here.

For those of you who missed the feature you can listen again on the BBC You and Yours website – skip to 34:40 – http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b08njv9c

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How long until the VW VAG Emissions fix claims it’s first victim?


As the media attention hots up around the so called VW VAG emissions “fix”, one aspect that has been greatly overlooked is the danger that failing vehicles pose on our roads.

We’ve been contacted by a number of owners who have had EGR / DPF failures resulting in the vehicles entering “limp mode” during normal driving conditions. This “limp” mode is caused by an error generated by an engine component / sensor which in turn greatly reduces vehicle performance. This is achieved in modern diesel vehicles by reducing fueling and turbo operation.

When travelling at speed, sudden loss of power is not only frightening but it also poses a huge danger to other road users and pedestrians. The loss of power could result in a legitimate maneuver being a downright dangerous one.

Just how common is EGR failure after the fix?

This is been one of the hottest topics on our website of late, in fact while I was typing this article we received the following comment on our post covering that exact topic. The Volkswagen Group is systematically refunding owners for EGR failures after the emissions “fix”

I had my 2011 Golf updated last week, and driving home from work this evening, I lost nearly all power and juddered to 20 mph, with the Glow Plug light flashing and the message: “Error: Stop Start” and “Engine:Workshop!”

EGR failure accounted for 66.9% of the issues reported “post fix” in our VW emissions survey, and has proven to be the single biggest complaint following the fix as seen in our comments. You can read more about EGR failures in the links are the bottom of this article.

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VW Emissions Fix Survey – The Results are in!

The Results are in!

We’re very pleased to announce that the results are in for our VW Emissions fix survey! A whopping 542 VAG Group owners have responded so far. We’d like to thank everyone for their time and their overwhelming support for the articles we are running on this topic. We do try and reply to all the comments on our pages so do please fill in the survey or leave a comment on one of the many articles we have published to date.

As you can see from the results below, the survey covers a wide range of vehicle makes, ages and mileage. They represent a damning view of the criminal activity the VAG group has subjected their customer base to. We hope that the results of the survey and the increasing media attention surrounding the #VWFIXFAIL will force VW’s hand into treating their customers with the respect they quite rightly deserve.

Before we bore you with the results, lets look at some of the stats that caught our eye.

87% of owners reported issues following the fix

We’re not at all surprised that this figure is so high, and note that it takes into account that 6.6% of owners did not have the fix applied (the lucky ones!)

84% of dealers denied that the emissions fix was the cause of the reported issues (post fix)

This is a very interesting one, especially when you consider that a staggering 43.2% of owners had the entire cost of the repairs covered by VW as a “good will” payment. Why would VW provide repairs free of charge if they still deny the link between issues post fix and the fix itself? It really doesn’t add up.

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Bavarian Government refuses VW emissions “fix” on 500 police vehicles

bavarian police car

It’s not just the UK suffering at the hands of the VW emissions fix. It now been revealed that the Bavarian government has refused to have 500 police vehicles subjected to the VW emissions “fix”.

The move by Dobrindt’s CSU party committee and Minister of the Interior, Joachim Herrmann was implemented due to the government not receiving assurances that the fix would not result in”subsequent engine problems.” and was unwilling to offer comprehensive warranty packages as seen in the USA.

This is the first case of any official governmental action over the fix despite mounting evidence that it’s responsible for countless EGR and DPF failures. 

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Can the VW VAG EA 189 NOx emissions fix be reversed? Is a remap the answer?

All the help and advice in the world isn’t going to make the issues with the EA 189 NOx emissions fix go away. EGR valves will still fail, DPF filters will clog up and owners will still be the ones picking up the bill for VW’s lies and deceit.

What we’re being asked time and time again is can the emissions fix be reversed.

So, Can the emissions fix be reversed?

This is a tricky one. As we understand it the changes to the engine management system go above and beyond what remaps would be capable of changing. We believe that the fix makes changes only possible by “flashing” the entire ECU with new settings and features to help reduce NOx output. 

These changes include:

  • Reduction in fuelling at lower revs (reducing torque)
  • Changes to the injection pattern
  • Changes to the EGR behaviour
  • Addition of an “air straightener” into the intake (1.6L engines only)

The changes have resulted in the following for many owners

  • Reduced power
  • Increased engine noise
  • EGR valve failure
  • Injector failure
  • DPF filter blockages
  • Reduced MPG / Fuel efficiency

We understand (at present) that only VW can fully reverse the software update. At this point VW / VAG have point blank refused to entertain this idea.

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Swedish motor magazine Teknikensvarld.se proves Emissions fix has negative effect on MPG and power

Teknikens Världs Volkswagen Passat Alltrack

The Swedish motor magazine Teknikens Varld has taken on the might of VW to prove that emissions fix causes negative effects on fuel consumption and power. This is contrary to claims by Volkswagen that the fix does not affect vehicle performance or fuel efficiency in any way.

They tested 10 VW vehicles both before and after the emissions fix recording MPG, Power and Torque on a rolling road. Their exhaustive testing shows that in most cases vehicles responded negatively to the fix, resulting in a reduction in power of around 10% whilst reducing fuel efficiency by up to 4%.

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New car sales surge as tax rises loom, diesel sales loose ground

Sales of new cars in the UK hit record levels in March this year as buyers scrambled to make the most of looming car tax rises.

March 2017 saw a total of 562,337 cars rolling off dealer forecourts, a rise of over 8% compared to March of 2016. Figures released by the SMMT represent the highest number of new sales since their records began in 1976. The figures for March reveal double the number of vehicles were sold last month compared to January and February combined.

The reason behind the sales surge lies with car tax rises which came into force this month. The new rates see all new vehicles (apart from those with zero emissions) having to pay an annual flat rate of road tax. This will see many cars which had enjoyed “tax free” motoring hit with an annual fixed road tax of £140 on their second “tax year”. Cars with a list price of over £40,000 will be hit for an additional £310 on top of this. This will see many “premium” vehicles paying a up to £450 in road tax per year.

Initial car tax payments (upon registration) will now based entirely on CO2 emissions. This starts at as little as £50 for cars emitting just 1-50 g/km of CO2, rising to a whopping £2,000 for cars producing over 255 g/km.

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