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VW Skoda Seat Audi DSG Gear selector switch failure “Error: Workshop!… lever is in position P.” Fault 617752 / P173400

I’ve been covering the Skoda Octavia MK3 VRS in some detail of late, with our Skoda MK3 VRS buyers guide proving to be very popular. Apart from water pump issues on early cars, the Mk3 VRS seems to have stood the test of time quite well. I’ve had high hopes for the VRS but I’ve been keeping my nose to the ground, searching for another common issue. We just might have found it.

The issue at hand is one that I personally have been experiencing with increasing frequency especially now that my 2015 VRS TDI DSG is starting to show its age (nearly 5 years old with 63k on the clock).

This being the error in the maxi dot that displays – Error: workshop! Leave vehicle only when selector lever is in position P.

This error only shows up momentarily but it’s quite unsettling and accompanied by a rather disconcerting error tone from the dash.

It’s not just the VRS either. Our googling has shown that the issue also affects the Mk7 Golf and countless other models fitted with the latest incarnation of the VW DSG gearbox.

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Deliveries of half all new VW cars delayed as they fail to meet emissions standards

Half of all VWs current UK models have failed to meet stringent emissions standards meaning customers could have to wait until February for their new cars. 

Under the Worldwide Harmonised Light Vehicle Test Procedures (WLTP) all new cars sold in the UK from Sept 1 are required to fulfil tough new emissions regulations. Just seven of VW’s fourteen models have been certified before the September cut off. 

The last thing that VW needs night now us more bad press with their recent “dieselgate” PR kicking. This latest drama will do very little to reclaim the confidence already lost in the brand.

Models affected have been confirmed as the VW: Golf, Polo, Tiguan, Touran and Sharan. With the VW Golf holding the number two spot in sales last month ** (behind the Ford Fiesta) we expect new months sales figured for models across the VW group to be impacted severely. 

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EV and Hybrid car sales take up the slack as UK car registrations decline

New car sales in the UK have continued their downward trend with August showing a 1.6% dip. Figures from the SMMT show that a total of 92,573 cars were registered in the UK last month, 1521 fewer compared to the same period last year.

In contrast, sales of electric vehicles continued to flourish with an increase of 377.5% (3147 units). EV and hybrid sales still pale in comparison compared to “traditionally fuelled” vehicles. These figures are likely to rise rapidly as car manufacturers push to offer more and more electrified vehicles to their line up.

Surprisingly, the mightly Tesla’s Model 3 was the UK’s third best selling car last month, despite retailing anywhere between £36,000 and  £50,000. It wasn’t quite enough to topple the mighty Ford Fiesta from its long-lasting throne, but we expect that Tesla will continue to upset the car market as motorists opt for batteries.

Diesel continued its downward spiral with registrations falling by 12.2%, bringing the percentage of dirty diesel sales down to 27% of all vehicles sold this year. With tightening vehicles emissions regulations and some pretty bad press for diesel cars, we’re pretty confident to say that diesel has certainly had its day. 


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Skoda Octavia MK4 spotted

Make no mistake. I love the Skoda Octavia. Having owned my Mk3 VRS for nearly 5 years, I’ve been keen to jump the mess that was the double headlight Mk3 facelift in favour of the upcoming Mk4.

These pictures (Thanks to Carwow and Autoexpress) reveal the Skoda Octavia MK4 estate in all its glory. As you seen from the photos, Skoda has done away with the split lights and continued with the angular design as seen in the new Skoda Superb. Even in non-VRS form, I think you’ll agree that it’s a modest improvement.

 The MK3 will apparently see an all-new engine line up and also electrification for the first time. Pulling on the VAG hybrid parts bin (GTE), the Mk4 should see in the range of 40 miles from its batteries combined with a small 1.4TSI petrol engine. Could a 200+BHP VRS MK4 hybrid be in the works? If so… sign me up!

What do you think? Was it worth the wait? Which spec/engine would you choose? Let us know in the comments below


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Running on Fumes. Just how much fuel do you have on empty? Skoda Octavia MK3


Sometimes you just can’t help running in “the red”, maybe you’re further away from a petrol station than expected or you’re going for a hypermiling full tank range record. When you’re cutting it to the wire, you need to have at least some idea about how much fuel you have left when your Skoda Octavia VRS maxidot says 0.

It’s not often that I misjudge a fillup but last week I was faced with the stark reality that I could be forced into a rather long walk of shame with only a jerry can keeping me company. My loss is your gain so hopefully, this article should give you some insight into how much fuel is actually left when the car says you really don’t have any more miles left in the tank.

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The VW DIESELGATE emissions fix survey results are in after 3000 responses

Its been over two years since we invited owners affected by the VW Emissions fix to fill out our VW Emissions Fix survey, after a whopping 3,041 responses – the final results are in.

Before we dive into the details, here are the figures which really stand out

  • 87.7% owners experienced issues with their car post fix.
  • 20.7% report having issues immediately after the fix was applied to their vehicle
  • 66.2% of the reported issues related to the EGR valve failing
  • 70.7% of dealers denied the fix was the cause of reported issues yet over
  • 50% of owners had their cars fixed as “good will”
  • 37.9% of owners paid more than £500 for repairs
  • 3.5% of owners paid more than £2000 in repairs
  • 60.4% of owners reported a reduction of power after the fix was applied
  • 72% would not by another VW Group vehicle
  • 95.1% would NOT recommend a friend to have the emissions fix applied

What’s more damning is that the survey represents (at least)

£560,852 in repairs

That’s over half a million pounds that has lined the pockets of the VAG group and their dealership network as a direct result of their emissions cheating. 

To say I’m gobsmacked is a ****ing understatement and that’s only a fraction of the 1.2 million cars the VW Group recalled in the UK – or 0.25% to be exact. 

With such a tiny cross-section of the total number of cars recalled, half a million pound could be a drop in the ocean compared to the actual cost to UK VW Group car owners.

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DIY DPF delete / Removal… can you really do it yourself?

diy dpf removal

DIY DPF removal. Can you really do it yourself? It’s a question we get daily from disgruntled owners faced with a dealership DPF replacement/regeneration quotes, often of the four-digit variety.

So can you tackle this job yourself and replace/remove the DPF filter once and for all? Before we answer this, let’s think about what’s involved.

Yes, a DPF filter itself is a simple thing. A box with a honeycomb filter/mesh which stops/traps larger diesel exhaust particulates (soot) but allows the follow of normal exhaust gasses. What isn’t so simple are the sensors and ECU management which keep this system in check. Your car’s ECU is constantly monitoring the DPF sensors, checking back pressure and ensuring that it’s working correctly. In the event of a blockage / or high loading, it will trigger a DPF regeneration until sensors reach nominal levels. To complicate things further there are some systems which utilise ELOYS  to reduce the temperature at which the soot can be “burnt off” the DPF.

Physical DPF removal

Physically removing the DPF typically isn’t what many would call a huge job. Some cars are harder than others but at the end of the day, it’s a serviceable exhaust component. Typically it should unbolt from the exhaust, however, on some vehicles, it requires a lot of jiggery-pokery depending on its location and in extreme cases the removal of the front subframe.

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