In most cases, being involved in a serious car accident can be a traumatizing experience. This is especially true if you have no idea what’s waiting for you while dealing with your recovery. Typically, when you’ve gotten involved in a serious auto collision, you and your family may have to face plenty of life-changing consequences. 

Thus, if you’re a victim of this kind of road mishap, below are the five consequences you need to know from the get-go:


  • Sustaining Physical Injuries

The most common consequence of getting involved in serious vehicular crashes is suffering from physical injuries, which may be minor or severe, depending on the impact of the collision. Although your injuries may seem to be minor, it’s important to get yourself physically checked to ensure they’ll not result in further medical conditions. 

So, if you’ve figured in an auto accident, the following are some physical injuries you may have sustained as a result thereof:

  • Cuts: When you have a contact with flying debris, sharp metal, and broken glass during the car collision, you may obtain cuts as an injury. However, in case you’re unable to treat your cuts, you may suffer from a skin infection, or even a more life-threatening medical condition known as sepsis. Hence, you should get your cuts treated right away after the accident. 
  • Whiplash: It’s an injury caused by the forceful movement of the neck arising from a rear-end car collision. When you sustain a whiplash, you may experience neck pain and stiffness, headaches, dizziness, fatigue, and many more, which may prevent you from going to work or doing the things you used to do. Due to this injury’s impact on your work and personal life, you may be entitled to file a personal injury claim so you get compensated for your losses. To help you settle the right amount of compensation for your neck injury, working with a reliable lawyer can be a great idea. 
  • Back And Spine Injuries: When the impact of the collision is forceful, then you may suffer from back and spine injuries. But, the worst thing about these injuries is that they may result in partial or total paralysis, as well as other more complicated health conditions, which may change your life forever. 
  • Brain Injuries: When your head is slammed into the dashboard, window, seat, or other objects in the vehicle during a crash, you may sustain a brain injury. Also, when the injury is so severe, you may get paralyzed or end up in a coma, which may prevent you from working to earn a living. 
  • Fractures: When your body is thrown in an auto crash, you may suffer from fractures in your wrist, ankle, leg, ribs, and many more. Although most fractures heal in a few weeks, the serious ones may take a longer time, and may even result in a permanent disability. 


  • Financial Issues

Well, the financial problems associated with an auto collision can be serious. You’ll have medical and hospital bills to pay, which aren’t fully covered by the insurance company. If your vehicle was damaged, you may need to spend a considerable amount of money for the repairs. Not only that, but depending on the severity of your injuries, you may be required a long-term medical care and treatment, which may also cost you some money. Unfortunately, these expenses can quickly accumulate and cause a financial strain in your and your family’s lives. 


  • Inability To Work And Earn A Living

Depending on how serious your injuries are, you may be forced to take some time off work for your recovery process. Also, if your employer doesn’t offer some leave benefits, it may also cost you additional lost wages until you fully recover and return to work. Lastly, your inability to work can be frustrating in a way that it can make you unproductive. 


  • Increased Insurance Premiums

Even if you’re not the at-fault party for the crash, your insurance company may still increase your insurance premiums due to your accident record. Meaning, as long as the car accident remains in your driving record, the rate you’re paying for your insurance coverage will likely increase. This, indeed, makes your driving record one of the factors that increase your insurance premiums

As a result, it’ll add up to the financial burden you’re dealing with because of the vehicular collision. 


  • Emotional Distress

Another consequence of serious accidents is the emotional distress you’ll experience as a result of being injured. Since your recovery may require more time, you’ll have to stop working and doing your day-to-day activities. When this happens, you may feel upset because it seems your sense of personal autonomy has been taken away from you by the injuries associated with the crash. 


The Bottom Line

Indeed, dealing with a serious car accident can be very devastating. Aside from damaging your car, the consequences mentioned above are just some of the things you’ll have to face when you’re injured in a car crash. Fortunately, you may be entitled to financial compensation to cover your losses, as well as help you recover quickly and get your normal life back.