James Bond is the epitome of sophistication, spying action, and a suave spy driving fast cars. Now that the whole world is seemingly going electric, could our favourite British spy drive an electric car or maybe a hybrid in his next movie? No official James Bond film has shown Bond driving an electric car; however, the idea has been floating about for a while.

Back in 2019, while filming No Time To Die, there were whispers that Bond might go electric with an Aston Martin Rapide E, their first electric car. Yet, as we all know, they chose a slightly different route. But the question still lingers in the air – will future films embrace this change?

The Case for Electric

The world is shifting gears towards sustainability, and electric cars are no longer just a green alternative. They show what technology is capable of in the 21st century. So, it’s not far-fetched to imagine Bond, with all of his gizmos and gadgets by Q, embracing this change.

Fast and with lightning-fast acceleration, EVs are perfect for high-speed chases Bond is famous for. Plus, they’re stealthy. Their quiet engine is ideal for a spy needing to make a discreet getaway.

Bond has been seen in an electric car in some unofficial appearances, such as in the video game 007 Legends, where he drove a Tesla Model S. And Aston Martin Lagonda, an electric model, has often been called James Bonds EV by some media outlets without being associated with the franchise.

The Charm of the Classic

There’s a certain charm associated with the traditional Bond cars that’s hard to ignore. The roar of an Aston Martin engine as Bond arrives at an exclusive gaming establishment, with an alluring companion by his side, ready to outwit villains whilst playing the favourite casino games we all love – it’s a scene straight out of a classic Bond film. This iconic imagery has been etched into the minds of Bond fans for decades. Would an electric car have the same impact?

The electric Aston Martin mentioned in 2019, the Rapide E, was a nod to this dilemma. Stylish and luxurious, just like previous Bond Astons, it came with the benefits of electric power. However, it seems the filmmakers weren’t quite ready to make the leap.

The Future of Bond’s Wheels

So, what does the future hold for 007’s garage? As electric vehicles become more mainstream and their capabilities continue to impress, it’s plausible that Bond’s next ride could be battery-powered.

An electric Bond car would not only be a nod to environmental consciousness but also a reflection of modern technological advancements. Bond can be easily imagined manoeuvring through city streets in a whisper-quiet, yet incredibly powerful electric vehicle, equipped with all the spy gadgets Q can dream up.


While the idea of James Bond in an electric car might feel a tad unconventional to purists, it’s a concept that’s gaining traction. The transition to electric doesn’t mean the end of those heart-racing, adrenaline-pumping moments we associate with action scenes. Electric cars can deliver performance and excitement – they just do it more quietly. So, while we may miss the roar of the engine, the essence of Bond – the thrill, the elegance, the innovation – will undoubtedly remain intact, electric or not.