All around the world, people just love cars. In fact, cars and racing have been the inspiration for countless entertainment items such as books, movies, games and even some platincasino slots. And one of the things that we first pay attention to when talking about these vehicles is their appearance. In this article, we will show you how to enhance your car’s appearance using simple suggestions – most of which won’t break the bank.


Tinting car windows is one of the simplest and most straightforward ways to improve the appearance of a vehicle. Firstly, clean the windows. Then, apply the tinting to the outside of the glass and cut the edges with excess film. Finally, press the bubbles to the bottom of the film with a heat gun and a hard card, and realign it to fit the window perfectly. The cost of tinting all four windows of an automobile ranges from $100 to $400.

Exhaust Tips

The installation of a performance exhaust is a simple car upgrade. It can typically be done at home and will give a premium look to the car. All you have to do is buy a good-looking exhaust. Remove the existing exhaust using a few tools and a stand jack to elevate the vehicle. Then, in place of the old exhaust, weld the new one into place. For a complete replacement, you may anticipate paying between $300 and $2,000.

Rims and wheels

A replacement of rims and wheels can give the car a more appealing appearance, no matter if you have a Mercedes-Benz or a Kia. First, you have to buy new rims and wheels for your car. Make sure they complement the personality of your vehicle, as they must be compatible with the car. Then, simply unscrew the rim and wheels and replace them with the new ones. The cost of changing and replacing your tire rims ranges from $200 to $500 per wheel.


This has the capability to change the entire look of a car. It can turn a standard car into a car that can be presented at auto shows. However, finding the right wrapping for your car is especially important. Once you have found it, lay the wrap on the car and cut it without damaging the car. Finally, heat the wrap by pressing. Prices vary depending on the design, but they start at roughly $2,000 for a basic model.


Whether you view a car from the front or the back, lights are the first thing that catches everyone’s attention. First, turn off your car to ensure your safety. By lifting the hood or trunk, you can find the light holder. Then, disconnect the power wires for the light bulb. Now unscrew the old lights and screw in the new ones in place of them. The usual cost of replacing an entire car’s lights is between $250 and $700.


There are unlimited possibilities when it comes to car modifications, and everyone is trying to find a way to set oneself apart from the pack. There are plenty of other ways to alter the appearance of your car, such as adding a spoiler, splitters, decals, ride height, and so on. The only thing you must make sure of is that you follow the safety standards for vehicle modifications!