With fuel prices surging across the world, drivers have never been so focused on getting the most from every last drop of fuel. Call it eco-driving, fuel-saving or hypermiling, high fuel prices are here to stay so it’s time to adjust your driving style and habits too.

I know what you’re here for so let’s cut the chat and turn you into a hypermiling expert with our

Top 5 fuel-saving Hypermiling Tips for 2022

  1. Adjust your driving habits. Further to my lastest rant about our relationship with our cars, we all need to start making some tough choices about how we use them. Do you really need to reach for the keys? Can you walk, ride, walk or take public transport?. Can you lift share or combine trips to reduce needlessly running about? The best hypermilers start before they even turn the key. That’s a 100% saving right there.
  2. Maintenance. This might seem like common sense but keeping on top of car maintenance is another key factor before you even consider starting the engine. Ensure your car is serviced, correctly inflate your tyres to reduce drag, remove that excess weight from your car and remove those roof bars / box to further aid aerodynamics. 
  3. Anticipation. The key to Hypermiling is Anticipation, changing your driving style to fit the road and traffic conditions and minimizing the use of the brake and accelerator pedals. Acceleration and braking burns fuel both ways. Master this and you’ll not only be saving fuel but you’ll be driving much more smoothly.
  4. Coasting. If you’re approaching a junction simply let off the throttle before reaching for the brakes. Most modern cars use zero fuel when in gear coasting (you’re also in full control”). This has the added benefit of reducing brake wear.
  5. Slow down. Travelling at 50 – 60MPH rather than 70+ can reduce your fuel consumption by up to 45%. As long as you’re travelling at a safe speed you’ll be reaping the benefits of reduced drag and increased MPG. It’s also a perfect speed to slipstream in the wake of the occasional HGV (safety first! Do not put yourself in danger by following too close and ignoring the 2-second rule). 

By treating every litre like it’s your last you’ll soon become a seasoned Hypermiler. You know that feeling when the fuel gauge is on the red? The fuel range computer shows 5 miles? I can guarantee at that point you’ll be hypermiling without even knowing it.

The above is just a small selection of the tips and techniques we have at our disposal. The key is putting them into practice at the right time and to suit the road and traffic conditions. You can check out the article that started it all by checking out our Hypermiling Techniques page

Hypermiling Techniques

Bonus tips!

It’s a funny time of year with both the chance of ice and also some glorious days (like today). During the cold months try and face your windscreen into the morning sun to reduce the need for unpleasant scraping and wasteful idling to defrost your glass. In the summer try and park in shady spots or choose your parking spaces wiselyt to take advantage of shade as the sun passes over. This will reduce or even prevent the need for the airconditiong which can reduce your MPG by anything up to 15%.

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