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DIY DPF delete / Removal… can you really do it yourself?

DIY DPF removal. Can you really do it yourself? It’s a question we get daily from disgruntled owners faced with a dealership DPF replacement/regeneration quotes, often of the four-digit variety. So can you tackle this job yourself and replace/remove the

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Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) to target lorry drivers and operators cheating vehicle emissions

From tomorrow (August 2017) the Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) will target lorry drivers and operators who try to cheat vehicle emissions. The action is in response to evidence showing that drivers and operators are using emissions cheat devices to cut the cost of

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UK Advertising Standards Agency bans advert for DPF removal by Bristol based Avon Tuning

The UK ASA (Advertising Standards Agency) has banned an advert by a Bristol based garage Avon Tuning advertising misleading (and illegal) DPF removal services.  The advert as seen on the Avon Tuning website claims that their DPF removal service is

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Independent Investigation reveals over 1000 UK firms offering DPF removal services

An investigation by the Independent has revealed that over 1000 UK garages, back street mechanics and tuning firms are offering DPF removal services. Official figures show that Air pollution caused by diesel cars (diesel particulates) have been linked to 29,000

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