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Fuel duty increase scrapped for 2014

The UK Chancellor, Mr George Osborne has confirmed that the planned 2014 fuel duty increase will be scrapped. The news, revealed in his Autumn Statement could save motorists 20p on every litre of petrol compared to the rises planned under Labour’s

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Asda sparks another round of supermarket fuel price wars!

In stark contrast to the fuel panic that shut waves of supermarket fuel stations, Asda is to cut its fuel prices by up to 2p a litre, it has been announced. According to press releases motorists filling up at Asda

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UK Petrol sales fall as motorists tighten their belts

2011 has witnessed a significant slump in petrol sales in the UK with the very nice men at the AA predicting further falls in to 2012. Petrol sales between January and September 2011 totalled 13.9 billion litres showing a fall of over

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