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“Winter is coming” so save money and check out our Winter fuel saving tips!

Temperatures in the UK have been below zero for the past few mornings for many in the UK. This not only brings the chaos and misery associated with the slippery roads and tough weather conditions but will also see many

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Morrisons teams up with 34 retailers to launch ‘Fuel Saver’ scheme

UK supermarket Morrisons has teamed up 34 leading high street retailers to launch the UK’s first-ever Fuel Saver scheme to help shoppers reduce their motoring fuel bills. The scheme involves shoppers at Morrisons buying gift cards that can be used to

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Our Weekly Hypermiling Tip #2: Maintain your car

Maintaining your car should be both common sense and also part of your motoring routine. A well maintained car will not only give you better efficiency but it will last longer and cost you less in the long run. You

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