Winter season in some countries comes with severe cold and heavy snow. Driving on regular summer tyres in these conditions is dangerous, as the rubber of tyres gets stiff and their tread is unable to provide proper grip with snow- and ice-coated road surface. In this case, our online shop offers you winter tyres. The distinctive features of these tyres are deeper tread depth, contents of rubber used for their production (contains a larger percentage of natural rubber and silica in the compound), tread pattern (it has more slats and grooves for better grip). Some tyres models are equipped with metal studs embedded within the tread. Use of these studs improves vehicle stability on icy roads, ensures better traction on ice, but provides no extra benefits in deep snow. Also, studded tyres produce additional noise during driving and damage the road surface.

A winter tyre can be identified by the Three Peak Mountain Snowflake symbol on the sidewall.

For instance, winter tyres aren’t mandatory in the UK, but the legislation of some countries requires the use of winter tyres. Even high penalties are set for driving in winter without winter tyres set on a car.

The alternative for winter tyres are snow chains, which are cheaper than a set of tyres, but they are suitable for short-term application and for deep snow conditions only.

Even if you purchased high-quality winter tyres from a reliable manufacturer you shouldn’t totally rely on them. Drive carefully and responsibly in the cold season. Replace tyres depending on a changing season in due time as winter tyres have a softer compound and will wear-out fast when it’s hot.

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