Since covid left the majority of the UK population “locked” into our beautiful country, staycations were the only option for those looking to escape their home. With concerns of future lockdowns looming, hotel cancellations and those wanting their own “clean” space many people opted for the camper life. The booming interest in life away from home on 4 wheels saw prices of campers and “would be” campers rocket as people scrambled to secure their own “mobile hotel”.

Whilst many shelled out inflated prices I was very lucky to have recently been “gifted” a clean Volkswagon T5 by my newly retired Father. His long-wheelbase 2004 painters and decorators van served him well for over 18 years but needs a little work to help fulfil its future family day van duties.

I will be dedicating a lot of time and effort to turning my newly acquired T5 into the perfect family “day van” and very much look forward to documenting its progress. Being relatively close to the coast it will be tasked with carrying our family (with many paws) to the Norfolk coast and beyond with hopes that one day it will replace my trusty Octavia VRS.

For those interested here is the spec

  • Volkswagon Long Wheelbase Panel Van
  • 1.9PD Diesel 84BHP
  • Single sliding door, rear barn doors
  • 3 seats (drivers and double)
  • 18 years of paint spils. drips and more tip runs that I can care to imagine.

It’s still very early days for the van but check back soon for further updates.