Ford plans to cut 3,800 jobs across Europe, including 1,300 jobs in the UK, as part of a three-year plan aimed at streamlining operations and reducing costs.

The company cited increased expenses and the need to switch to the production of electric vehicles as the reasons for the job losses. The majority of the job cuts will be in Germany, with the remainder in the UK and the rest of Europe.

Ford hopes the changes will result in a more efficient and competitive cost structure, which will enable it to compete with rival car brands in Europe, despite the economic and political challenges the region is currently facing.

The company plans to achieve the reductions through voluntary redundancies and retain 3,400 engineers in Europe to focus on adapting technology for European customers. The goal is to create a smaller and more focused product portfolio that is increasingly electric, in line with the shift in the automotive industry towards this technology.

Martin Sander, the general manager of Ford’s European electric vehicle operation and head of its German business, acknowledged that the transition will require adjustments, but stressed that the changes are necessary for the company to remain competitive.