A car provides students with numerous opportunities. Owning a vehicle allows young people to be more flexible and easily access desired locations. However, it can also cause some unexpected issues, like extra expenses and parking problems. So before deciding to buy a car, make sure to consider the pros and cons of it.

Ask yourself whether you really need a car for commuting to college or you could use public transport. Think about different options like going to campus by bus or train.  Analyze various alternatives before you make a final decision.

Also, take into account maintenance, insurance and parking permit costs. Check whether you will be able to handle your car expenses on a student budget and decide if this will be convenient for you. It would be better not to make a purchase if you hesitate about some money issues. It’s also worth considering your budget if you choose a college paper writing service to help with your studies.

Help with studying while choosing a car

In general, the process of choosing a  car that will suit your needs and budget is quite time-consuming. And it’s really difficult to find a slot in your schedule if you are overloaded with numerous assignments. So what to do in this case? You can visit a popular essay writing platform for students and ask its professional writers ‘Will you write my research paper for me?’ to get your home tasks done in just a few days. There is nothing bad about getting assistance with your homework. The modern education system is so demanding that expert help is necessary for most students who want to get good academic outcomes. Once you’ve delegated a part of your homework to someone, you can start choosing a car. Consider some of the most affordable variants below.

Ford Ecosport

This model has a big variety of options for an entry-level SUV. They include a four-wheel drive, a powerful engine as well as top-class tires and brakes. You will also get a great infotainment system and ambient lighting. The Ford Ecosport has a comfortable four-door configuration and sufficient cargo space. Also, it can boast decent crash safety ratings.

Chevrolet Sonic

This is a small car available in both four-door sedan and hatchback configuration. You can buy it either with manual or automatic transmissions. The Chevrolet Sonic comes in different trims that are priced depending on their options. Note that one of its central differentiators is safety features. In contrast to many small cars, the Chevrolet Sonic is packed with available and standard features. They include a rear-view camera, forward collision alert, 10 airbags, lane departure warning, and rear park assist. Luckily, students can get specific discounts from a dealer.

Jeep Wrangler

You can find a used affordable model of the Jeep Wrangler, which is a classic small SUV. It’s capable of going off any beaten path. If you need to deliver some cargo around your campus or college town, this is a perfect option for you. The basic Sport package would suit students on a budget. Drivers usually appreciate its safety features, including Electronic Roll Mitigation and Electronic Stability Control.


This is a compact car with an above-average level of crash safety features, including a rear-view camera and an optional front crash prevention system. The Mazda3 comes in both hatchback and sedan options. Also, you can choose a front- or all-wheel drive. As this model dates back to 2004, you can buy it for a very low price. Drivers note that this car is quite fuel-efficient and it has a nice lineup of entertainment features. In a cabin, you’ll find a 7-inch display with a touch screen and an “infotainment” system.

Toyota Yaris

This subcompact car has both automatic and manual transmission with six speeds. Based on your preference, you can choose either a hatchback or sedan version. The Toyota Yaris can boast of its robust safety suite that includes automatic high beams, lane departure alerts, and a pre-collision deterrence system. There are also steering wheel entertainment controls and a hands-free Bluetooth calling system, which make the driving experience even more comfortable. Each of the five different trims is not only reliable but also affordable for a student budget.

Honda CR-V

This is a top-class crossover available in five trims. Note that all of them have automatic transmissions. However, you can choose from front-wheel and all-wheel drivetrain options. This model can comfortably seat 5 people, leaving plenty of room for luggage or equipment in the back. What’s more, CR-V has a great safety lineup. It includes lane-departure warnings,         lane-keeping assistance, and adaptive cruise control. Of course, buying a new car of this model is too expensive for most students. But you can easily pick a used version.

Author’s BIO

Jeremy Raynolds is a study coach and a big fan of cars. As a coach, he helps students learn more efficiently and get better academic outcomes. In his free time, Jeremy buys old cars at auctions and repairs them.