Stay safe with Pryers Winter Driving Tips

The winter months can be a testing time for even the most experienced of driver. Freezing temperatures, adverse weather conditions and reduced visibly can cause all kinds of motoring mayhem when you least expect it.
With the mercury dropping across the UK we’ve teamed up with the guys from Pryers to offer you some Winter Driving Tips to help keep you safe during the cold season. These might seem like common sense but you’d be surprised how many motorists are completed unprepared for an unexpected breakdown or accident.

Check out this informative Infographic below and stay safe!
winter driving infographic
Many of the tips above are both a great way of staying safe and also reducing your fuel consumption in the cold weather. Remember to check out our Hypermiling page for fuel saving tips you can use all year round.
We’d love to hear your top Winter Driving Tips so please get in touch in the comments below

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One comment on “Stay safe with Pryers Winter Driving Tips
  1. Ulpian says:

    Get a set of winter tyres, preferably on their own wheels. These make much more of a difference than 4×4. Don’t own a rear wheel drive car?

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