How to enable Dyno mode on your VAG VW, Skoda, Audi or Seat. I’ll keep this short. 

  1. Put your car on the rollers
  2. Turn off the ignition to stop the car
  3. Turn on the ignition – wait for all the warning lights to go out
  4. Turn on the hazard lights
  5. Press and release the throttle pedal 5 times. The maxidot display will display ESC off / unavailable – you may also see some tyre pressure warning lights.
  6. Start the car

This might sound like some kind of cheat code for a game but this does work.

What does Dyno mode do?

Dyno mode is required to tell the car’s ECU that it’s being dyno’ed or checked for emissions. If it’s the latter then I’m sure it’ll start lying too!

For 4WD cars this will switch off the Haldex and stop the rear wheels from being driven. This is vital if you are running your Golf R on a 2WD dyno. 

How to disable Dyno mode?

Once the car is stopped and started again or the ECU detects the rear wheels turning dyno mode will be disabled.