Buying your first vehicle is a major milestone that you’ll never forget. Whether you’ve saved up for it, taken out a loan or visited the bank of Mum and Dad it’s a once in a lifetime moment that should be a positive start to getting you on the road.

You help you make the right decisions in the buying process we’ve put together our top 5 vehicle buying tips to tips.

Decide on your needs

From the beginning of the buying process, you need to decide what you want from a vehicle. Do you need room for kids, sports equipment or bicycles? Do you have a long commute and need to keep fuel costs down?

If you’re clear on what type of vehicle you want from the start it will help focus your search and make the buying experience much more enjoyable and quicker.

Set a budget

Even if you’ve been lucky enough to have a loan from the bank of Mum and Dad you’ll still need to stick to your budget. If you’re a new driver and lacking in confidence behind the wheel, try to keep the budget low in case of any minor mishaps.

Having a budget will help you focus your vehicle search and weed out those vehicles out of reach.

If you’re on a limited budget consider using a car finance company which can provide both the vehicle and financing, even if you have bad credit. Concept Car Credit specialises in car and finance packages even for those with a bad credit history.


If you’re s young and experienced driver, insuring your first vehicle can be an expensive task. There are a few things that can help reduce premiums such as opting for a black box, limiting your mileage, and even putting your parents on the policy.

Be sure to take insurance costs into account with your budget as for some unlucky new drivers the insurance can eclipse the cost of the car.

Obviously, opting for sporty or high-performance care can greatly increase premium costs so make sure you keep this in mind when choosing engine sizes or trim levels.  

Do your checks

When shopping for a vehicle we’d recommend you take someone with you that knows what to look out for and will know common issues that usually affect a specific make or model. If you’re shopping for a second-hand vehicle, have it inspected by a trusted mechanic, any honest seller should not have an issue with an official vehicle inspection.

If you’re buying privately, we’d recommend having a HPI check done on the vehicle which will help spot any issues such as outstanding finance, mileage irregularities or if it’s been previously written off.

Trust your gut and be prepared to walk away.

Take it for a test drive

Be sure to take a test drive of any vehicle you are considering buying. This will help spot issues or problems which may not be apparent by a visual inspection. Undertake a test drive on a wide range of road conditions and allow the engine to fully warm up. Sellers may change their driving style to hide an array of issues so make sure you drive the vehicle yourself.

Be sure to raise any concerns with the seller if you spot any issues with the vehicle, make sure they are recorded as a requirement for the completion of the sale.

Again, trust your gut. If you’re unsure about a knock or rattle, seek advice from a mechanic.

Buying your first vehicle should be an exciting and happy process, buy using our tips should help you secure the vehicle of your dreams.

Let’s hear from you

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