SUVs are an incredibly popular choice of vehicle when people are looking to upgrade their car. Indeed, in January 2021 in Europe, SUVs accounted for 44 per cent of all new cars sold. And for good reason: if you buy a green model, you’ll get a luxurious, versatile, fuel-efficient car that can handle different types of terrain. Below, we explore what to look for when buying an SUV.


Safety is an important feature to look for when you’re purchasing an SUV. These are heavy vehicles that have been known to roll over in specific situations. As such, for everyone’s safety on the road, it’s worth looking for an SUV with the latest safety features. Newer models, like the Vauxhall Crossland, feature anti-lock brakes to prevent rolling from occurring.


It’s important to consider how you’ll be using your SUV before buying one. You might need plenty of room for your family, room for camping equipment or maybe just a little space for office supplies. In either situation, it’s best to plan ahead and select an SUV that’s the right size for your specifications.

Off-roading equipment

Similarly, it’s worth anticipating any off-road activity you’ll be enjoying and buying an SUV that fits your needs. Although SUVs are big and look as though they can handle off-road terrain, this isn’t necessarily the case with all of them. Before you purchase a new or used SUV make sure you thoroughly research the model and work out whether it has four-wheel drive and other perks that can help you tackle off-road terrain. On top of this, you can fit your SUV with off-road tyres and other accessories to aid this.


When you’re buying an SUV, the price is important. If you’re buying a new SUV, then the price can easily reach over £50,000. Plus, depreciation is usually more dramatic for new cars: within three years, a new vehicle will usually lose 40 to 60 per cent of its value. If you can’t afford to have an asset devalue like this, then you might want to consider researching used cars instead. Older models will have lower tax rates and although you might not have as much choice, there are plenty of excellent deals out there. Just ensure that you research carefully and check a used car thoroughly before making your purchase.

Buying an SUV is an exciting moment. These vehicles can offer you also sorts of benefits if you get your selection right. And by following the advice above, you should be all set to pick up the perfect SUV to fit your needs.