If you’re like most drivers, you know the difference between a hatchback and a sedan. But you might not know that there are some important differences between these two types of cars. So, what exactly are the differences between a hatchback and a sedan? The guide on the Cerato will help shed some light on the matter.

Well, for starters, let’s look at the definition of each type of car. A hatchback is a car with a rear door that opens upwards, while a sedan is defined as a car with four doors and a trunk. So, right off the bat, we can see some major differences between these two types of cars. 

What is Specific to a Hatchback?

When it comes to purchasing a car, shoppers often have a variety of options to choose from. One frequently seen option is the hatchback, a vehicle with a liftgate and flexible cargo space. But what sets this style of car apart? For starters, hatchbacks typically offer more versatility when transporting goods. The liftgate allows easy loading and unloading, while the collapsible back seats create additional room for bulky items. Hatchbacks also tend to have better fuel efficiency and maneuverability than larger vehicles like SUVs or trucks. So if you’re looking for a compact yet versatile car, the hatchback may just be the perfect fit. However, consider all your options before making a decision – while hatchbacks offer certain advantages, they may not have the same level of passenger space or luxury features as other styles of automobiles.

What is Specific to a Sedan?

When shopping for a new car, one option you might come across is the sedan. But what sets this style of vehicle apart from others on the market? Typically, sedans have four doors and a separate trunk area for storing items instead of a hatchback or SUV design. They also tend to be smaller, making them great for city driving and fitting into tight parking spots. In addition, sedan models often offer a smooth and efficient ride with a lower centre of gravity compared to larger vehicles like SUVs. Regarding cost, sedans tend to have a more affordable price tag compared to luxury options like sports cars or higher-end SUVs. So if you’re looking for an everyday car with reliable durability and practicality, consider researching sedan models.

Comparing and Contrasting Hatchbacks and Sedans

Now that we’ve gone over the key features of hatchbacks and sedans let’s compare and contrast these two styles of cars. First, we will evaluate each type of vehicle in different criteria like cargo storage, efficiency, proportions, and passenger space.

Cargo Storage

Regarding cargo storage, hatchbacks have a clear advantage over sedans. The extra space provided by the hatchback design means that you can fit more stuff in the back of the car. It is perfect for long road trips or if you need to transport large items.

On the other hand, Sedans have less space in the trunk area. As a result, it can make it difficult to pack for a long trip or to transport larger items.

Efficiency of Fuel

A hatchback or a sedan can be a good choice if you’re looking for a fuel-efficient car. Both are known to be among the most fuel-efficient vehicles. Of course, you want to consider other factors like size and weight when choosing the most fuel-efficient car, but both hatchbacks and sedans can get good gas mileage.


When it comes to proportions, hatchbacks and sedans are quite different. Hatchbacks tend to be shorter and have a more sloped back, making it easier to park and maneuver in tight spaces.

On the other hand, Sedans are usually longer and have a more upright design. It gives them a more traditional look but makes it more difficult to park in tight spaces.

Passenger Interior Space

Regarding passenger interior space, both hatchbacks and sedans can provide a comfortable ride. You can seat 4 to 5 people in either type of car. However, because of their different designs, there is a difference in the type of interior space. A sedan may be a better option if legroom is your top priority. However, if headroom is more important, a hatchback is a way to go.

Which Car Should You Choose?

Now that we’ve gone over the key differences between hatchbacks and sedans, you should know which type of car is right for you. Both offer unique advantages, so it’s important to consider your needs and preferences before making a decision. So be sure to research and take a test drive to find the perfect car. Also, talk to a trusted automotive advisor to get their professional opinion.

Have any questions about the difference between a hatchback and a sedan? Let us know in the comments below! We’re always happy to help.