Diesel has long been hailed as both the future and savoir of the transportation of the future. Diesel offers both high levels of efficiency and grunt, so whats not to like about other than the tractor like clatter resonating from bonnets across the land.

Wading in to spoil the party, the WHO (World Heath Organisation) has reclassified deisel fumes to a  Group 1 Carcinogen ( Carcinogenic to humans). This classification puts diesel fumes firmly aside both 2nd hand tobacco smoke and asbestos to name but a few.

Before you go reaching for the face masks, the men in white coats say that you should only be concerned if your environment places you in direct, long-term contact with diesel fumes and exhausts. 

New diesel car sales in the UK just slightly nudged petrol aside in 2011, with 50.4 percent of new cars powered by derv. Together with improvements in the petrol engine technology, the average fuel consumption of new cars hit a new high of over 52 miles per gallon.

 In conclusion, its great to enjoy the benefits of owning a diesel car just don’t go breathing the exhaust fumes!