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Skoda Octavia MY19 documents confirms new pricing for VRS245 and says goodbye to the diesel 184

It’s been months since Skoda closed the books on its performance family mover but finally it looks like you’ll be able to secure yourself a nice VRS, as long as its petrol. What the spec sheet (below) confirms is that

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Skoda Octavia iii 2013 Diesel Particulate Filter DPF – Owner’s Manual – Regeneration FAQ

As you may have seen from my ramblings on our Twitter account and our Forum, I’m now the proud owner of a 2015 Skoda Octavia VRS Combi TDI 184 (DSG). As with all Euro5 and Euro6 diesel cars it’s equipped with

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Hypermiling 101: Automatic Gearbox Edition

For many in the Hypermiling community choosing the right transmission for your next “eco” ride is a simple choice… choose a Manual. Automatics are often heralded for providing a stress free, clutch-less and relaxing drive but in most cases this

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