It’s been months since Skoda closed the books on its performance family mover but finally it looks like you’ll be able to secure yourself a nice VRS, as long as its petrol.

What the spec sheet (below) confirms is that the old Euro 6 184 diesel has been dropped in favour of the 150PS version, and you guessed it, no more diesel VRS. Our sources suggest that Skoda were unable to make the 184 engine meet even stricter Euro 6 emissions targets, especially when Euro 6c brings in “real world” testing conditions. Either way, I think the move to petrol is good for the VRS brand, the diesel version just didn’t quite cut it. It’s just a shame that the option for 4WD is still absent from the VRS.

The new MY19 Octavia VRS will only be available in a TSI petrol 245 with prices starting at £26,965 OTR with no extras. The addition of a DSG gearbox in an estate body will bump the prices to £29,245.00. By the time you add some nice paint, virtual cockpit, 19″ rims, the Canton speaker upgrade and a sunroof you’ll be in a hole for well over £30k. 

The standard trim level is pretty good but there a few options you really shouldn’t do without.

You may already know that I’m the proud owner of a 2015 VRS DSG diesel Estate, with the view to replace it with a petrol version. Not only will this do away with the pesky DPF and EGR issues which have plagued VW Group cars, it’ll put me firmly back in my roots of petrol turbocharged cars with over 200BHP on tap (damn I miss those days).

Now, over £30K is a **** load of money for a family estate car, so I’ll be looking at either a new car broker such as CarWow or maybe even an ex-demo when they break 3 months old. It’s not a matter of if, it’s when!

We also expect that dealers such as Simpsons Skoda will be touting some cracking lease deals on the VRS. It’s exciting times ahead!

Click here for the MY19 Skoda Octavia Price list.


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