In what was a rather strange event, Skoda has finally unveiled all-new fourth generation Skoda Octavia.

Reminiscent of a Eurovision showreel, musicians and dancers accompanied the CEO of Skoda, Bernhard Maier in hatching welcoming the new Octavia from its polygon”egg”.

This “simply clever” show has to be hands down one of the strangest car reveals we’ve seen in a long while. Berny was joined on stage by a number of executives from Skoda, all struggling to kerb their scripted enthusiasm in all it’s cringy glory.

Despite all this, the Skoda showcased what in my opinion is a beautiful evolution of my favourite family mover. Taking cues from the all-new Superb, the new Octavia drips in understated class. It’s crisp and clean lines complement a well-proportioned body which even in non-VRS trim looks stunning. 

Unfortunately, there was no sign of a VRS model but we’re confident that one will be confirmed in the near future.

Octavia Highlights

  • 6.5 million Octavias “delivered”
  • The Octavia represented 31% of Skoda’s global car production in 2018
  • Skoda will be electrifying the entire Skoda range
  • The Octavia Combi is the best selling estate in Europe

What’s changed in the Mk4

Despite the corporate cue card “buzzwords” we managed to salvage a few highlights from the event. We’ll confirm more when the press pack drops.


Highlights from the Mk4

  • Reduced drag coefficient by 14%
  • Mild hybrid and plugin hybrid variants confirmed
  • 100% customizable home display
  • Gone is the handbrake
  • Mk4 Octavia will offer best in class running costs

Mk4 Skoda Octavia Gallery

Will I be buying one?

I’ve had my Mk3 VRS for nearly 5 years now. The Mk4 is exactly what I was both expecting and hoping to replace it with. I love the lines, you can tell it’s an Octavia but just a little more grown-up and sophisticated. In VRS trim, it’ll be stunning and one will be sitting my drive. I just pray that the VRS will be released with a hybrid engine option. Something along the lines of a VW Golf GTE would do just nicely. 


We know how much you like buyers guides for the Octavia so we’ve already put together what could well be the world’s first Skoda Octavia MK4 buyers guide. Check it out!

Let’s hear from you!

What do you think about the new MK4? Have Skoda gone far enough with the design? Will you be buying one? Let’s hear from you in the comments below

You can watch reveal from the Skoda youtube channel below

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