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VW proposes diesel catalytic converter and software update to resolve emissions cheating scandal

VW has proposed a new diesel catalytic converter in order to fix the majority of the 660,000 US vehicles affected by the emissions scandal. It’s hope that combined with a software “fix” the solution will be accepted by the EPA and

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Hypermiling Top Tips: Top 5 causes of blocked / Failed DPF diesel particulate filters

In light of the recent scandal revolving around the VW diesel #emissionsgate, diesel cars are firmly in the spot light for all the wrong reasons. Sure, diesel cars use less fuel, save us money at the pumps and offer comparatively

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Volkswagen offering US owners $1,000 gift cards as “good will”, making users waive rights to file law suits

  In the never ending saga that is the VW #dieselgate scandal, US owners will be offered $1,000 gift cards in an attempt to “make things right”. The good will package being offered to owners of the 2.0L diesel cars effected

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