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European demand for Toyota & Lexus Hybrids jumps 29 percent in 2012

Sales figures from Toyota/ Lexus have shown that in 2012, sales in Europe of Toyota’ s fuel sipping Hybrids jumped a whopping 29 percent, breaking the 100,000 barrier in the process. Toyota accounted for more than three quarters of the 109,000 units

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Hybrid Hypermiling Techniques

After countless miles, hours and counties behind the wheel of Toyota’s Auris Hyrbid I thought I’d put together a page dedicated to Hypermiling techniques our little twin engine’d companions. The Hypermiling Challenge with Car Magazine taught me a lot about

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Going from coast to coast might not sound like a particularly hard challenge, especially with the current crop of “super diesels” that have flooded the UK market. So what happens when you take a Toyota Auris Hybrid with its 1.8L

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