Those of you who live in the UK (and other moist nations) know the struggle that is misted / foggy or steamed up windows. Anything that hinders your visibly while driving is a big no-no in our book.

With the recent rather soggy weather in blighty we’ve been so very kind and put together our top 5 tips on how to stop your windows from misting and fogging up.

Keep your interior dry

Misting and foggy windows are caused by moisture inside your car. Help reduce the moisture by drying / shaking your shoes before jumping aboard, you could even have a rag handy to wipe off that excess water / moisture . Another top tip for those of you using ice protectors for your screen, put them in the garage the morning after rather than have them thaw in your boot, dripping their juices across your boot carpet.


Check for leaks – Pollen filter

Hay-fever sufferers can rejoice that many modern cars feature pollen filters to keep that dirty yellow stuff away from our sensitive air passages. Unfortunately the pollen filter itself can be a way for water and moisture to enter the vehicle often undetected until a swimming pool emerges out of your foot well.

The housing around the filter and the filter media itself can fail, making a route for water to travel into your car unnoticed.

Changing a pollen filter can be a lengthy and knuckle damaging affair, so before you reach for the screw drivers why not check with your local mechanic or owners club forum for some guidance on how to locate and replace the offending article.

We’d also suggest that you check your carpets for signs of damp as leaks can also be caused by faulty sunroof / windows seals, blocked door drain holes and rubbers.

Cat litter in a sock!

cat-litter-sockHere’s one for my fellow cat lovers! Fill one sock (foot removed) with CLEAN cat litter and and secure the end with a clip or reef knot. Place your stuffed sock anywhere you like and that sucker will absorb the moisture without any further effort required. It works best if you place your litter sock on top of the dash but it is still effective anywhere in your car. Just remember to change the litter for some fresh stuff periodically and secure it to your dash if required.

If you’d rather not put the effort into your own sock litter hack then you can also purchase a man made affair from the good folks at Amazon – links below. You can thank me later 🙂

Silica Gel packs

silica-gel-packsYou know those little Silica pack you in packaging? Yes, you really shouldn’t eat them but did you know you can reuse them?!

Like the cat litter sock you can place them suckers on your dash to draw in the moisture while you sleep. Just remember to secure them if you leave them on your dash, we’ve seen first hand when happens when a moist one explodes after hitting the floor!

Use the AC Air conditioning

If you’re posh like me, have air conditioning and don’t care that it uses more fuel then you can use your air con on those misty morning to disperse that fog. Simply set your blowers to the direct the air at your screen, turn on the air conditioning and set the heater temperature to full. The hot dry air will clear the screen using a combination of evaporation and magic.

If you’ve got your coat on then also opening the windows a touch is a great way of letting in some dry air and stopping your fat sweaty body from causing more moisture as the heater boils you alive.

Lets hear from you!

If you’ve got any more top tips on how you keep your cars windows from misting and fogging up then please get in touch in the comments below.