It’s more good news for the UK economy as figures reveal that UK has bucked the car sales trend with registrations increasing compared to this time 2011.

Last November saw 134,027 car registrations in the UK, that figure has increased to 149,191. A modest 11.3 percent increase on last year’s sales results.

In contrast, mainland Europe (EU) saw sales tumble by a whopping 10 percent with just 926,486 new cars registered across the region. The worst hit was Grease who saw a 47 percent reduction in registrations as they continue to struggle with austerity measures.

The fall in the EU was the fourteenth consecutive monthly fall in registrations as economic crisis  uncertainty continued to spread.

In the UK, the motor industry is still working hard to ensure sales figures continue to provide a positive outlook. Many traders have been taking care to reduce costs and look at their expenditure in detail. This has been reflected in the growing number of comparison websites  giving traders a way to compare motor traders insurance. The sites such as give traders a way to compare policies an premiums from across the industry, much like the ones highly promoted for domestic motorists.

Sales figures within the UK saw the biggest growth from the Hybrid and electric offerings. In the third quarter of the year, sales surged 58.3 per cent and 26.9 per cent respectively. The trend also shows that the UK public are still rallying behind diesel cars with diesel powered sales increasing by 7.9 percent while petrol models saw a 2.8 fall.