Many Hypermilers do it for the money, but increasing we have seen motorists  make that extra special effort to do their bit for the environment. The benefits of Hypermiling of course save you fuel and money, but its also helps reduce harmful emissions leaving exhaust pipes by a significant amount.

With the recent focus on “being green”, companies offering an ethical approach to all aspects of transportation have sprung up. Just last week I was amazed to see a local taxi company in the East of England with its fleet of Toyota Prius’s, plastered in green decals and promotional information on how they are single handedly saving the planet from the evils of tailpipe emissions and CO2.

Green car insurance suppliers have also become more common place in an already very competitive market, offering specific cover to those of us who drive hybrid or electric vehicles. Many we have researched support projects such as tree planting and driver awareness to further their green credentials.

As long as these companies are able to offer a competitive prices compared to their non green counterparts, then maybe its time to consider one of the new “eco suppliers”. It might just make doing your bit for your wallet and also the environment that little more easier.