Cars are very important for many people. However, if you want to have a modern, comfortable automobile, with advanced features, you have to pay a lot. But, what happens when someone steals your car? Everyone will agree, that it’s a very stressful and disappointing situation when you face an automobile theft.

According to the UK CrimeStats, in January 2017, the number of total vehicle crimes in England and Wales was 36,151. There are some options how to secure your automobile for not becoming the next car theft victim. One of the most effective ways to avoid this crime, is to equip your vehicle with an anti-theft system.

Nowadays, there is a wide variety of anti-theft devices available on the market. Some of them provide the basic protection, whilst others offer more advanced features. Some of these appliances even allow you to track your automobile if it’s stolen. In order to, help you to pick the best anti-theft device for your vehicle, car locksmith company reveals the main types of these gadgets.

Steering Wheel Locks – This tool is located on the steering wheel to lock it in place. It is not possible to drive the car, until the lock is removed.

Tire Locks – This lock is attached to the tire in order to prevent the vehicle from being moved. You need to take off this device before driving the car. Thieves cannot drive away with the automobile with such tool in place.

Hood Locks – This tool will deny access to under the hood, avoiding stealing the battery and other parts on your vehicle.

Kill Switch – This device is designed to shut down your car’s electrical system. This tool is usually activated when the automobile is locked and it’s necessary to do a series of routines before it is unlocked. If the criminals will attempt to hotwire your vehicle by bypassing the aftermarket alarm or factory, they won’t be able to start it.

Electronic Immobilisers – Many of today’s automobiles have this system on the car key. This system transmits signals to the ignition in order to prevent the car from starting without the key. If your vehicle has such immobiliser, you can be assured, that without the appropriate RFID chip, your automobile will not start.

Car Alarms – This appliance is often activated when particular activities occur, such as breaking the car’s glass, when someone tries to enter the vehicle without a key, etc. Most of such alarm come with stickers and you can display it in your window for deterring the potential thieves.

Electronic Tracking Systems – This appliance is activated when the vehicle is reported as stolen. The company tracks the car as it moves and warns law enforcement to catch the thief as soon as possible.