Drivers urged to speed up to save on costly diesel particular filter DPF repairs


Drivers are being warned of the potential risk from diesel cars in the guise of the dreaded DPF – diesel particulate filter and repairs in excess of £1000.

Glasgow-based finance broker First Vehicle Leasing has issued some rather unconventional advice to help drivers escape costly repairs by telling them to “Speed Up!”.

Diesel cars owners with DPFs fitted run the risk of costly repairs due to the devices clogging up with soot and other diesel exhaust particulates. The stop start nature of many commuters means that the conditions required to “burn” off and regenerate the filters are not met, meaning a manual regeneration is required or even worse a complete replacement.

Their advice to speed up and head for the open roads ensures that the optimum engine conditions are met for regeneration to take place.

Business development manager Andy Watson said, “If you do not do this, you may need to have the filter replaced, and this cost is unlikely to be covered under the vehicle’s warranty”.

This is sound advice however counter-intuitive it may seem. Having been bitten by DPF issues in my Nissan Qashqai [more here Nissan qashqai dpf issues] we know how costly and upsetting it can be.

It’s just a shame that the advice comes a little too late for those already in the DPF blockage cycle. If people were correctly advised when purchasing their cars they might just opt for a more suitable fuel type could well see them saving much more than a few pounds at the pumps.

For more information on diesel particulate filters check our our diesel particulate filters faq and as usual – we’d love to hear your experiences with DPFs – good or bad.


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2 comments on “Drivers urged to speed up to save on costly diesel particular filter DPF repairs
  1. Tania Maughan says:

    I have a 59 plate Nissan Qashqai+2 2.0 dci – my dpf filter was repalaced under warranty about 50 000 miles ago. The light has just come on again.

    I do extremely high mileage, (the car is currently at 107 000 miles), and most importantly I drive “under motorway conditions” almost daily.

    In my case this fault can not be happening due to driving style, as I drive (too) fast pretty much everywhere and average around 60-100 miles a day.

    I have made a formal complaint to Nissan, with the substance being that they cannot continue to make a car with a part that is obviously not fit for purpose. It is not reasonable to expect me to keep replacing this part, nor to find an hour or so out of my day to drive in 5th gear at over 60mph for 30 miles every time this light comes on. (I have never been able to successfully get the DPF filter to regenerate using this method anyhow).

    Hopefully this will get sorted. If i get any resolution I will get back to you!

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